Wednesday, May 28, 2008

To store or not to store...

So Chris got the official offer from London yesterday and the signed paperwork is in the mail. Well, they say it is in the mail but we all know what that usually means. Anyways, we are hesitant to set a date because we have no idea what is going to happen with the house. The Realtor says houses are averaging 6 to 9 months on the market! There is a townhouse down the street from us that has been shown 5 times since January!! We are VERY hopeful that we will have better luck.

We spent our Memorial Day weekend doing yard work! Chris pressure washed all the decks, we trimmed trees, picked up leaves, trimmed the rose bushes (ouch!) and I planted about $150 worth of flowers. It looks great and we kind of wish we had done all of this a long time ago! I took off from work today and tomorrow to do some inside work but all I have managed to do is wash the windows. Tomorrow will be spent "staging" the master bedroom. Do you like my new lingo?

So the next big dilemma is to store or not to store? EY will not be paying to store our stuff while we are in London so if we chose to store we have to foot the bill. So I started calling storage facilities and the 1st place I called quoted me $39 a month. Does that seem cheap to anyone else? Of course, the facility is located in Forest Park which I think is near the airport and probably not the most ideal location. We have been getting mixed advice on what to do. We have some things that are from my mom and grandparents that I do not want to part with yet. And then we have furniture that we searched for for years and finally bought! So to me 40 bucks seems worth it. Tomorrow I am going to "visit" or possible storage unit to see if things will work out. I kinda feel like I am cheating on Chris with a Public Storage unit...

I guess that is it for now. Talk to everyone soon!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Not in London...yet!

So I told Chris a few weeks ago that I was going to take up blogging... he gave me the typical "sure honey, whatever you want" look that he has been perfecting. Then I did not follow through (which is why I get the look to begin with). So I decided that today I would get started and see where this blogging leads...
A quick back story to bring everyone up to speed... Chris and I decided in February to try and move to Europe. Europe quickly turned into the UK since neither of us is very proficient in languages other than English (I can ask for a hotel room with a toilet and a shower in French but that does not count.) So we whittled the UK down to London and now we are about to sell the house in Hotlanta and move across the ocean! My friends and family were shocked when I moved to Atlanta so imagine the surprise when we dropped the London bomb. My grandfather's response (in his slow southern style) "Well, I am sorry for you." When I told him we wanted to do this there was silence on the other end... But that is OK because we really do want to do this and it is going to be amazing!
So my plan is to chronicle our adventures here at Florida Girl in London!!