Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hello Neighbor...

Last Thursday on my way to work at a very respectable 10:15 am, I ran into one of our neighbors... Sir Paul McCartney!!!

I was cool, calm, collected as I flashed a smile and said good morning. He smiled back and returned my morning greeting.
Now for a quick look into what was happening in my head as he approached: "Huh? That guy looks kind of familiar. Who is he? Is that... No, it couldn't possibly be... HOLY CRAP! It is... that is Paul McCartney. Oh my god a BEATLE!!! Calm down, calm down. What are you going to say... Hi? No that is stupid; he probably hears "hi" all the time. Oh no, he's getting closer. Think woman think!!! Okay he is only a few feet away, smile... less teeth, say something... say something... Good Morning (out loud) Sir Paul McCartney (to myself).
As I walked away I very literally did a silly little dance and said out loud/to myself "I just spoke to a BEATLE!!!" I then proceeded to call Chris and leave a ridiculous message which he in turn played to all his co-workers.
I now walk the exact same way to work every day in hopes that I might see him again. I have a mental list of things I will say to him the next time. But I am pretty sure I will just ask him the following question: Aren't you the lead singer of Wings?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When the Farmers Came to Londontown

A few weeks ago Michelle and Matt came for an extended weekend trip to London. They arrived on Friday and Michelle headed home on Tuesday. Matt stayed in town until the following Saturday but had to work... boo work! However, in the few days we had together we walked to Camden via Primrose Hill, spent way too much time at Cyberdog (a futuristic space clothing store... the store's description, not mine!), had a delicious dinner at Cinnamon Club followed by a walk past Westminster Abbey, Parliament, County Hall, and the Eye, spent a night in the country, waved to the queen, stared at some royal guards, ate in a cave, went shopping on Marylebone High Street and enjoyed tea at the Wolseley! Not too shabby for 4 days!

Matt and Michelle in Camden.

Cold Farmers in front of Big Ben.

Michelle and Matt in front of the old mill in Lower Slaughter.
Yes, it was as cold as it looks.

Michelle and Chris at the Puesdown Inn.

Nothing better than a comfy sofa, a warm fire and great company to put smiles on our faces!

 Michelle and Matt at Gordon's Wine Bar.

I will try to post some more pictures from the weekend soon.
Until then...
~Hugs and Kisses~

Clickity Clack Clickity Clack

About once or twice a week I can hear the sound of horses on the street. To be honest, I am usually wrapped up in my warm covers sound asleep when they arrive. Lucky for all 6 of you about 2 weeks ago I was up early enough to snap a few quick pictures out of the window!

Oh... and in case you were wondering, these are royal horses ;-)

Oh no.. not the hat!

Today was a sad day.

After hoping for the best last night it became official around noon today.

I lost my hat.

My favorite hat.

Yep, the one I am wearing in ALL the pictures you've seen over the last year.

I went back to my last client from Tuesday but it wasn't there. I looked in, on, under, next to, around and behind my desk at work, not there either. I asked the receptionist, the porter, a security guard and the cleaning guy, just in case. I even retraced my steps from the last moment that I was sure I had it... alas, there was no hat to be found. I did find a men's left hand glove and considered going on a search for it's owner just in case he is a devastated as I am.

I guess I am destined to lose things. Umbrellas, my Free People scarf from Chicago, my mind... and now my hat.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where's the Boy?

While I sit all alone in our flat... Florida Boy is off in Brussels! Sure he claims it is all work and no play but guess where he called me from... yep... a bar! And not just any bar but one of our favorite haunts across from the Manneken Pis. Can't say that I blame him but I must admit I am more than just a little jealous. Knowing Chris, he won't come home empty handed so I will get to enjoy a Belgian brew eventually ;-) I may in fact be one of the few girls in the world who would be beyond happy to get a bag of beer for Valentine's Day! On a none beer note, Chris told me that his meetings will be across from the Atomium... a Brussels landmark that has escaped us on every trip. I am still unsure exactly where it is but know several routes that do not lead to it. I also know that the atom looking building on the tourist map is actually Prison de Saint-Gilles... and not the Atomium. However, there is no need to worry as we only saw the prison from the outside ;-)