Friday, October 31, 2008

London Gators

Last night, Florida girl and Florida boy found a place to watch the Florida Gators whoop up on Georgia! Leave it to Chris to find a slow cookin' bar-b-q joint in the middle of London that was showing college football. We met some other x-pats who were Gator fans. It was fun to be around other Americans who shared our joy and excitement of Florida football. Chris and Jay (fellow x-apt and Gator) were yelling and dancing around the room... it was hilarious. I am sure the local Londoner's thought we had lost our minds... then again, I have seen them watch soccer/football and it is not much better!

As we bundled up in our coats and scarves to head home, Chris realized that he lost his umbrella. less than 3 full days since our arrival and Chris lost his umbrella! I am a little surprised it lasted as long as it did. We asked our waitress if she had seen it and she laughed! Apparently, umbrellas don't get turned in to lost and found very often!

Around 5:30 pm (London time), Chris left for the airport to catch his 9ish pm flight to Singapore! It was difficult to watch him go down into the tube station with his suitcase. I think this is the 1st time that I have felt genuinely scared! I can hardly believe that I am almost 5,000 miles from my nearest relative and Chris is leaving to go to the other side of the world! I walked Chris to the tube station and gave him a hug and a kiss... I felt this was the least I could do for him! Once back in the Apart'Hotel, I heard some loud booms outside. Come to find out, The City of London arranged fireworks to celebrate Chris's leaving so quickly! Just kidding, there were fireworks but I am pretty sure they were to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day. I snapped a few quick pics...

It is amazing who fireworks instantly cheer me up! I was sad and wanting to cry and then I was laughing and clapping like a little school girl. Yeah for fireworks!

Happy Halloween!!

Here are some pictures of last years pumpkins. No time to carve any this year! Chris did the skull and I did the tree. Hope everyone has a great Halloween!

Day 3 in London!!! I am still feeling under the weather but found a pharmacy and will be feeling better as soon as they open. Chris got up at 6 am and went for a 4 miles run. I was supposed to go with him. However, I didn't think a 6 am run in the 30 degree temperature was the best way to kick this cold... plus the bed was awfully warm!

Chris got a call and an email from his new boss yesterday afternoon. He said that they have a great opportunity with a bank and they really need Chris on the project. This is great! Did I mention that this project involves Chris leaving for Singapore on Sunday evening for a week? So much for no traveling! Chris went in to the office this morning in hopes of getting a computer, cell phone, corporate cared... you know, all those things he needs to travel for work to the other side of the world! I can't believe he is leaving the day before he even starts! On the bright side, this may get him out of the the typical 1st day orientation : )

The plan for today... find a flat! I think Chris is worried what may happen if I am left to my own devices in finding a place to live. We have completely different taste when it comes to... well, everything! I like quirky character and Chris likes new. In Chris's support, I do not like the difficulty that comes with old, quirky character! Hopefully, we will find the perfect places that makes us both happy! Wish us luck ; )


Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Play-by-Play

It is the end of our first full day in London and I think I am coming down with a cold. The last month has finally caught up with me and I just feel run down. I am fighting it with Airborne, orange juice and prayer! Despite my droopy eyes and sniffle, I am determined to give all my loyal readers a thorough update! With that said...

Tuesday, 10/28

3:00 pm: Chris and I got lost while trying to find the British World Cargo drop off for Moe. We drove in circles around Hartsfield Jackson Airport and when I called for directions the lady put me on hold. I waited for her to come back while we drove around but we found the silly place before she ever came back! Once inside the staff was less than helpful. After about 15 minutes of feeling invisible a lady came to help. Her first comment was that Moe's crate was too small and he would not be able to fly. At this point I was tired, nervous, anxious, and just plain frazzled! My eyes filled with tears and I had to go outside because I was certain I was about to let out some serious sobs! Once I got it together I went back in and found that they had located a larger crate. Moe would fly after all! Serious sobs averted...

4:00 pm: After dropping Moe, Chris dropped me and all our luggage at curbside check in so he could go return the rental car. The only problem... there is no curb side check in for British Airways in ATL. Luckily, there is Oliver! Oliver is a skycap who saw me standing in front of the self serve trolleys (that is a British term!) and came to my rescue. Now, doubters are saying he did not rescue me because he is honorable but because he wanted a tip. I say nay, nay, nay! He loaded all the bags with Chris and as Chris drove away he said he would call me. Again, my eyes filled with tears (I cry when I am tired!) and I said "my cell phone is dead!" Too late, Chris was gone! Oliver and I went inside and headed towards British Airways check-in where I expected Oliver to unload and leave. Instead, he took me over to a wall socket and told me to charge my phone. He got luggage tags for all our bags and watched them while I went to the ladies room. Once my cell was sufficiently charged he wheeled everything over to the check in area and unloaded the bags! I tipped him like I have never tipped a skycap before and would have hugged him if that wasn't weird!

4:45 pm: Chris successfully returned the rental, met me at check-in and we were on our way through security. I have mentioned before that I have a love/hate relationship with TSA agents. Somehow, I always manage to get in trouble or I get funny comments (see Discombobulated Ki- Put.) Why should this trip be any different? The TSA Agent at the metal detector commented that I had a large scratch on my chest... why was he looking so closely at my chest? I tried to look at it myself but couldn't see it. I remembered that I had a hang nail and had scratched myself while pulling my bag over my shoulder. So I told him that I had done it to myself. He says (very loudly) "Have a safe trip and no more self mutilation." Several people turn to look and Chris just hangs his head in shame... poor guy, stuck with me all the time!

5:30 pm: We settle in at the International terminal bar. The pianist was playing and we commenced Operation Call Parents. Upon completion of all the calls... we enjoyed a glass of wine (beer for Chris) and ate a light salad. We chatted with the people next to us who were heading to Italy to board a trans-Atlantic cruise.

7:30 pm:Just as we take our seats, the pilot comes on and reports that it is snowing in London! Seriously! EVERYONE told us that it never snows in London, bunch of liars! As we taxi down the runway, I am thinking about poor Moe. Chris and I had a laugh talking about what he must look like as we bounce down the tarmac. I wrote in my notebook, "Poor Moe... I can't hear him but I CAN hear him! My heart is breaking for him because he has no idea what is happening." moments, the wheels are up and we are really moving to London! I spent most of the flight worrying about Moe and trying not to think of all the things I did not get done. The friends I never called, the emails I never returned, the stupid phantom Comcast cable modem that I owe $ for... the list goes on from there. I also started to worry about landing, picking up Moe, finding our housing, etc.

Wednesday, October 29th

7:30 am: Wheels down and to the gate with no wait on the tarmac! It is official, we are no longer in Atlanta! Customs and Immigration are a breeze. The Agent checks our passports and visas. She checks Chris work permit, stamps everything and wishes us luck in the UK! Wow! I hope the rest of the day goes this well! We collect our luggage on 2 trolleys and wait for the driver. He meets us around 10:15 am. We were told to pick Moe up at 11 am so this works out perfect.

10:45 am: We finally find the Pet Reception Center at Gatwick and cross our fingers. I have heard that this can be a nightmare! I gather up all his paperwork and hand it to the lady. She is surprisingly cheerful and very nice (not like in Atlanta.) She says everything is in order, Moe has been in the Cattery and is no worse for the ware! Out he comes looking a little less than happy but alive! Yeah, we didn't kill the cat. Into the car we go for a 1 and a half hour drive to our housing!

12:00 pm: We arrive to our Apart'Hotel and learn that we have been booked into a studio with a Murphy bed. I can not do this room justice with words so please see the pictures below:

I will not bore you with the details but we finally got a 1 bedroom! Not exactly what we were expecting but we have free Internet access, a real bed and a couch! We are located in the City of London which is only 1 mile by 1 mile. Our neighborhood is called Barbican and apparently it is a very nice but expensive area. There is a Starbuck's 1 block away, a large grocery 2 minutes walk, and several express groceries as well as restaurants in every direction.

Chris and I took quick showers, change clothes and fight the urge to sleep. We head out for a bite to eat and grab a pay as you go cell phone.

4:00 pm: Chris and I return to the Apart'Hotel and fall asleep. He claims he only slept because he knew I was feeling bad! I am not buying it! I awake at 5:30ish to a phone call from the front desk that our 1 bedroom is available. We load all our bags on to trolleys, force Moe back into the crate and move for the 2nd time in less than 24 hours! Once in the new room, we each have our own closet so we unpack our clothes and settle in for the next few weeks!

7:45 pm: I put on my skinny jeans (thanks for the hem Laurie!) and boots and we head out for dinner. We immediately find ourselves at the Sutton Arms Pub. Our first beers to start our new life in London... Orval! Go figure, we move to London and still manage to find the best places to drink Belgium beer!

11:30 pm: Chris and I are out like a light with Moe snuggled in between us!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2 Kipphuts and a cat...

are taking London by storm! I am sitting in the Apart'Hotel lobby typing as Chris is trying to get us checked in to a bigger room! I will write more and fill you all in on the whole journey! Thanks for all the well wishes via text, email and comments.

FYI: For another week London will only be a 4 hour time difference from the East coast of the US. London has already turned their clocks back an hour for daylight savings!

Off to shower, eat and calm down poor Moe!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Send your email addresses!!!

Friends, Family and other random people:
Chris and I have new email addresses and were unable to get our contacts from prior address books. This means that we do not have any ones emails! Please send me an email to so I can update my address book!!!


Leaving on a jet plane...

Today is the big day! We have several things to do today but I think we are in good shape. We re-packed last night because we some how accumulated additional things over the last week. We have 2 large suitcases, 2 medium suitcases, 1 rolling duffel, 2 book bags, 1 laptop bag and my giant purse! And an 18 pound cat in his carrier!

Michelle got up this morning and made us yummy cinnamon rolls and fresh strawberries. She had a pot of coffee brewed and we all enjoyed a quick breakfast together. It was a great way to start the day. Just think, the next time we get out of bed we will be putting our feet down in London!

Thank you Cricks, Nicol, Kipphuts and Farmers for putting up with us this last week. You are all invited to London so we can return the favor. We love everyone and we will talk soon!!!

Discombobulated Ki-Put

Yesterday morning as we were going through security to board our flight to Atlanta I temporarily became an idiot. At least I am hoping it was only temporary! I loaded my belongings on to the conveyor belt to the left including my shoes, belt, purse, book bag, etc. I stood in the queue (my 1st British word today : ) and waited my turn. As the other people went ahead of me and headed to the right to gather their belongings, I silently became an idiot. I walked through the metal detector and headed to the right... However if you recall my belongings were to the left! The TSA man said "other way" and I said "oh, yeah!" As Chris followed behind me the TSA man called me "Discombobulated!"

This whole episode occurred just following the TSA screener asking me is my last name was "Ki Put" pronounced with a German "ut!"

Needless to say, Chris is now referring to me as the Discombobulated Ki Put!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Back in the ATL... for 32 hours!

We are back in Hotlanta... but it is a little chilly. We arrived at 10 am and went straight to eat! I do not do mornings and had to get up at 4:30 am!!! Yuck. Breakfast was delicious and we enjoyed the last few minutes of quite time. In the last 3 hours we have... 1. taken Fat Moe to the vet for his final check and flea treatment, 2. picked up our new stylin' green laptop from DHL (incidentally I am using it now : ), 3. yelled at Comcast for being idiots 4. cancelled our insurance policy for the cars and house and 5. temporarily suspended our telephone service in hopes we can set it back up in London!

The rest of the day is filled with errand running, last minute things and probably doing stuff we forgot we had to do! We hope to end the day at Tap with some friends and family enjoying a nice cold beer... No beer for Michelle and baby Trey, sorry!

I will also try to upload some pics from the farewell tour but in the mean time check out Quality Time for some snap shots of our 24 hours in Orlando!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Seriously... are we there yet?

Just a quick post as I have a list a mile long to conquer before Chris gets back from washing the car! We are still in Tampa but leave early tomorrow morning for ATL. Our flight leaves for London at 6:30 pm on Tuesday and we arrive around 9 am on Wednesday morning. We have a new green laptop waiting for us at the DSL office in Atlanta so I will be blogging about our English exploits in no time at all... assuming I have not gone completely mad by then!

I promise to post pictures from our farewell tour as soon as I have a chance to upload them. We have really crammed a lot in to the last week and I think it is starting to show! I have bags under my eyes, every time I sit for longer than 5 minutes I fall asleep and I can't find anything. Last night I woke up in the dark and had no idea where I was??? I ran into the wall thinking there should be a door there and did not realize I was at the Kipphuts until I saw Dallas sleeping on the kitchen floor!!! I need a home : )

Keep us in your thoughts and I promise to update the blog as soon as I can... Until then, hugs and kisses to everyone!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

What a week...

Sorry for the delay in postings but I have been computerless since Sunday night (10/19)... this may be the longest I have gone without my PC!

I feel like we have lived a year in the last 5 days. We closed on the house on Monday the 20th. Everything went extremely smooth as far as we were concerned. We ran some errands around Atlanta and then headed out for Jacksonville around 2 pm on Monday. We spent a few days with my dad and Lori. It was a great visit! Dad grilled steaks and we drank a bottle of pseudo Opus One... it was the best home cooked meal I have had in a VERY long time!!!

Yesterday, we headed down to Ocala and took Nana (Chris's grandmother) to lunch. Nana shared some old family letters and newspaper clippings with us. They dated back to the 1700's!!! Amazing family history.

After lunch we headed to Orlando for some quality time with the Smith brothers and Kuhn! We went to Halloween Horror Nights. Kuhn latched on to me in the 1st haunted house and I now have finger print bruises on my forearms! She was a riot! We had a great time... and we got to have breakfast with Vim and baby V this morning!!! I will post pics later ; )

This afternoon we drove down to Tampa and emptied the Jeep into Mike and Laurie's living room!!! And now.... now I am going to go and take a nap!


Friday, October 17, 2008

Chickn n' Waffles

Chris satisfied a long standing dream of eating chickn' n' waffles today. As he poured warm syrup on his waffle, he had a look of pour delight on his face. The excite almost over came him as he took his first delicious bite. Who knew fried chicken and a waffle could make a man so happy! This is a small detail I will need to keep store away for the right moment ; )

BTW: I left the "e" out on purpose ; )

A flaw in my plan...

We are about 90% packed up. And we have donated Jeep load after Jeep load of stuff to Goodwill. I have donated clothing, shoes, accessories, purses, a curling iron, dishes, sheets, towels, knick knacks, obsolete electronics, pillows, a cat carrier, and blankets. I had a great feeling as I loaded up 4 old blankets, thinking about the person who might otherwise be cold with winter approaching... I did not however think of myself and Chris shivering under a thin sheet for 3 nights after packing and/or giving away EVERY blanket we own/owned! Oops.

Some other small mishaps... No coffee cups. We went to my favorite little coffee shop (Tazza) and purchased coffee yesterday afternoon just so we could bring the cups home and use them this morning! No dishes or anything other than paper plates to be exact. We have bacon, eggs and toast so I naturally thought I would make Chris breakfast this morning... ever tried to scrabble an egg over a gas burner on a paper plate? Yeah, me neither and I am no MacGyver so I chose to go with cereal... only problem with that, no bowls!

It is a good thing that we only have a few more days before we leave for Florida.

Until next time, XOXO

Thursday, October 16, 2008

2 country women, 1 quite guy and 17 boxes!!!

The movers came at 10 this morning and were done by noon. In all, we had 17 small & medium size boxes and 4 things wrapped in brown paper (2 benches, Chris guitar and a Tupperware box of Christmas decorations.) Yes, I am taking Christmas decorations! This will be our first Christmas "alone" and I am going to make sure to make it as homey as possible. The holidays are supposed to be a very fun time of year in London with lots of decorations and holiday cheer so hopefully we won't be too homesick!

Back to the movers... they were hilarious! The lady in charge, Clara or possible Claire, had opinions about everything including the fact that Chris and I are organ donors.... she had to see a picture id and say the organ donor marking on our license. She claimed that if Chris and I were in a terrible accident at the same time that the doctors would let us die just to take our organs even if they could save us. Wow, there are actually people like this in the world! I assured her that I wasn't worried but she still had her doubts. Clara/Claire asked to use our bathroom and was in there for a decent amount of time. She exited, fan still running, closed the door and exclaimed "Oh Lord. My stomach is tore up!" Needless to say, the door is still closed.
The second lady was very sweet... or so I think. In reality, we could not understand a single word she said! I am clueless as to her name although she said it at least 4 times! I am less worried about understanding British accents after trying to decipher this lady's Georgia drawl! While she was talking I did not dare to even look at Chris as I was terrified I would burst into uncontrollable laughter! Not only was her southern drawl thick, she barely spoke above a whisper. As we were doing some paperwork with Clara/Claire, lady #2 sat in front of our floor fan, facing towards the door which was about 2 feet in front of her, and started talking! Talking to us or to herself?? We will never know!
The final mover was a quite young man named George. George has a sister who lives in Kensignton and will be moving to Surrey soon. He was rather normal and I am pretty sure I saw him snickering at his co-workers more than once! He did have a lazy eye which I always find very distracting. I never know which eye to focus on and I hate to not look people in the eyes when they talk to me... I usually just dart back and forth between both eyes which probably makes me look a little sketchy and also makes me dizzy!
All in all the moving crew provided some much needed comic relief. The house is a lot less cluttered with all of our stuff either on it's way to London or boxed up in the basement awaiting storage! I am starting to see the forest through the trees and I am getting less nervous and more excited. BTW, my sty is getting better ; o
Until next time... XOXO

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Are we there yet?

I am not sleeping worth anything these days. I keep waking up in the morning and all I can think is... Are we there yet? With one eye, I peer about the bedroom to see where I am and slowly pull the covers over my head upon realization that I still have to finish packing, meet with the movers, move our storage boxes to Jacksonville, catch up with as many family and friends as possible, put Fat Moe on an airplane and fly to London with everything I own in storage, being shipped or being carried by moi! Oh... and I have to get through the house closing!

The saddest part about that list is how many things I left off! And I have developed a sty on my left eye!!

Are we there yet?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Things I will miss in the Atl... in order as they come to mind ; )

1. Our new paved intersection at Howell Mill and DeFoor. It took forever but they did a great job. No more flooding after 5 minutes of rain, turning lanes on all 4 sides... it is just a dream!

2. Screen on the Green... Even though I never actually went to see a movie in Piedmont Park, I always hoped I could eventually!

3. Season's 52. What a yummy place! We went last Friday to celebrate our anniversary and it was delicious, as always!

4. Our house. It is really hard to believe that we are leaving it! It is also going to be hard to find another place that I love as much as my first home! However, I am guessing that after living in a flat for a few years we will be more than ready to buy our second home!!!

5. MARTA... haha... that was a joke. I will not miss our sad little subway in Atlanta. I am looking forward to living in a city with a subway that actually goes somewhere!

6. Tap. Our not-so neighborhood gastro pub. We went the 1st time for Chris's b-day last year. It was a Sunday and the place was dead. By the time we left, we had spoken to every server, cook, manager and bar tender. They all know our names and when we show up (about once a week) we get hugs from everyone! Over the last few months every time we had a house showing and had to leave... we would go to Tap. So in a way, they helped us sell the house!

7. Dancing Taxman. Every year during the tax season our local accountant (I think it is called Liberty Tax Services??) hires a man to dress in red, white and blue and sometimes as Lady Liberty. I call him the Taxman and he REALLY loves his job! If you have ever driven on Howell Mill at the Wal-Mart entrance during tax time... you have seen him and you have stared! I honk my horn and cheer for him when I drive past. Chris usually ducks in his seating horrified that someone will see him! The Taxman dances and sings his way into the hearts of all the passersby. He is a dancing maniac and has no shame in his game as he sings into a stick and directs traffic while moon walking along the crosswalk. Now to be clear, I would never let these people do my taxes but I sure do love to watch the Taxman shake his thang!

8. Our neighbors. I think we have been truly blessed with some amazing neighbors. Our neighbors are people we can call on at any hour and once they shake out the cobwebs they are there for us. Whether it is a cup of sugar, a ride to work or the airport, or to spy on potential home buyers... they are always there! I will especially miss our Halloween tradition. Sitting in the driveway, fire in the chiminea, wine and about 2 trick or treaters! It doesn't get any better : ) Our neighbors are so great, I think if I called on them from London they would still do everything they could to help!

9.Ponce de Leon. Yes, I will miss the entire road. You just never know what you are going to see. Once we were having dinner at MF Sushi and a man walked into the liquor store across Ponce. This is one of those caged liquor stores where everything is behind bullet proof glass and steel bars! He came out a moment later and walked over to a trash can. He pulled out a bag, put it over his head and walked back into the liquor store. The funny thing is that the man working in the store was watching the whole thing and just walked behind the bullet door and locked it. Eventually the would-be robber walked out and down the street. I watched him for about 2 blocks as he casually strolled along... with the paper bag still on his head! Like I said... you just never know what you will see on Ponce de Leon!

10. The weather. Some might say I am crazy but in comparison to where we are heading, Atlanta's weather is spectacular! Not too cold in the winter, not too hot for too long in the summer, and lets face it... it hardly ever rains!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's just stuff...

Chris just left to take a Jeep load of donations to Goodwill. I am on the verge of tears which is silly because it is just stuff! But in the end it is my stuff. I have taped up signs all over the house that say; Take, Store, Give Away and Trash. The Give Away piles seem to be filling up the quickest. We are taking a very non-emotional approach to the whole process which is why I made Chris take the first round of donations... the longer I have to think about it the more emotional I become about the silliest things... like by box full of ribbons for wrapping presents. All those ribbons I was keeping for the "perfect" wrapping moment. I guess the lesson learned here is to stop waiting for the perfect moment and make every moment perfect. Wow, that was pretty profound. Just remember where you read it first ; )

I keep repeating the mantra "We are moving to London!" It makes it a little easier to donate those insignificant things that won't make the long journey. As for the storage situation... I owe Dad & Lori and big thank you. In a weeks time, we will be filling their (already burdened) garage and spare room with our boxes and a few pieces of furniture. I am keeping it to a minimum... or at least I am trying!

Well, I guess I should get back to the "stuff."

Until next time!

Friday, October 10, 2008

What is wrong with this picture?

I took this in July when we were in London...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Who Knew...

Gnomes love the beach! Gnoah and I spent our 1st day in Puerto Rico lounging on the beach and enjoying the local brew... I asked a few beach goers to snap a shot of us but they looked at me like I was crazy, drunk or a combination of the two! Apparently, Puerto Rican's do not appreciate the finer points of gnome friendships! I was able to get a great shot of Gnoah on his own lounge chair...

It was great having Gnoah there since Chris had to work the entire day. I felt very bad watching him put on a suit and tie as I tied up my bikini top! I snapped this pic and sent Chris a "thinking of you" text, just to let him know I was missing him!

Meanwhile, Gnoah was lovin' life as he held his flowers and soaked up the rays. After a while, he felt inclined to wiggle his toes in the sand and just couldn't wipe the smile off his face...

That is one happy gnome!

Chris and I spent day 2 exploring the old city. Gnoah was feelin' a little exhausted from is fun in the sun and stayed back at the hotel. Chris and I explored El Morro, the cemetery and sweated... a lot! There was a storm coming in and there were big black clouds in the sky. The clouds were a welcome relief from the blazing hot sun! Once the clouds blew away the temperature was nearly unbearable... All in all, it was a fun afternoon despite the heat!

This cemetery might have the best view of any cemetery in the world!

Chris was standing guard in the sentry house at the gate of El Morro. He said afterwards he is holding an imaginary stick... scary!

Parts of El Morro were under repair but none the less it is an amazing fort. Considering it was built in the 1500s, it has held up remarkably well! It was fun getting to learn about Puerto Rico's history but it was also nice to get back to the reason we were visiting...

the beach and the mojitos!

The rest of our trip consisted of beach, pool, and Don Q... Don Q being the local rum!

Chris and Gnoah were livin' it up on the beach. Chris was just happy to be enjoying Puerto Rico since the last few weeks he has been working from sun up til' sun down and wearing suit and ties! Gnoah started to let loose, too. I think he may have helped to run up the bar tab...
Puerto Rico was a great time. I would definitely return... especially, if Uncle Ernie was willing to foot the bill again!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


In the spirit of October, I decided to update my profile picture. Chris and I are very disappointed we won't make it to Oktoberfest in Germany this year. However, you can rest assured that we will make it next year! After all, we have research to do ; )

Happy October!


House Update

I haven't said much about the house in the last few weeks. I guess I have been trying to keep a low profile until things are certain but hey... I have never been one to keep a good secret so... We have a contract! We are scheduled to close on October 20th. With that said, there are still some things that could go wrong so we won't be counting our chickens until the paper work is signed and our mortgage is paid off!

We are going on Friday for our "biometrics" which is just a funny word for finger prints! Once we get through this process it is just a matter of waiting for the visas and moving! We are very hopeful that all will work out and we will be in London by October 28th.

So, for those loyal readers who are still saying little prayers for the Kipphuts... please pray for 1. closing on the 20th to go smoothly, 2. Visas to be issued in a timely fashion, and 3. us to be safely on our way to London by the last week in October. Or you can simply continue to pray for my sanity!

The sooner we get to London the sooner I will have something to actually blog about! In the mean time, Gnoah visited Puerto Rico over the last week and he has pictures!

Officially Unemployed!

As of 3:30 today, I am unemployed! At least 3:30 is when I had to turn in my ID to human resources. It is a little bitter sweet. I will miss my co-workers and my unit (especially my unit!) but I don't think I am going to miss the battle. Sometimes I feel like I was constantly trying to force a square peg through a round hole... me being the square peg! In the end, all my bruises have healed and I am realizing how much I have grown as a person and as a "social worker." I use quotes because I refuse to admit that I am/was/or will ever be a social worker! Moving on is very liberating and at this moment it feels like exactly the right thing!

So does anyone know someone who is hiring in the London area?