Sunday, September 21, 2008

Now things are making sense...

Chris and I went out for sushi on Friday night. We go to this little place that tries really hard to be very posh. It is called Sushi House and everything is red and black... even the lighting has a red tint. It is not the best sushi ever (although the Happy Sumo roll is a plate of deliciousness!) but it is good enough and the right price.
So there we sit... for a very long time... waiting on our 3 orders. Normally, they would all come at once but I guess they were a little busy with the 6 tables of people so they staggered things out. When we first walked in I noticed a girl sitting at the sushi bar with incredibly pink hair and a very large black bow. However, it was not until much later that I noticed her dining partner.... He was dressed as a pirate. He wore a puffy pirate shirt and black pants to just below his knees. He wore white stockings with big black chunky shoes. He had on a round black hat with a skull and cross bones on the front. It was hard to tell but I am pretty sure the skull and cross bones were glittery! He finished his look off with rings on nearly every finger, leather cuffs on each wrist and of course... an eye patch!
Now, I have already shared with you all... as my loyal and very dear readers... that I am obsessed with Gnomes. However, what you may or may not know is that I have an even deeper rooted obsession with all things... you guessed it... pirate! As a matter of fact I sit here typing in my very own pirate pajamas! So you could imagine my delight upon seeing this young, strapping and, oddly enough, pirate-git-up-wearing young man! I immediately allowed the pirate jokes to begin... before long Chris and I were crying with laughter. As we were leaving, the pirate and his pink haired lady began to kiss... a serious PDA... pirate display of affection!
Anyways, I am telling you all this because I have just learned of a holiday that was previously unknown to me... I am deeply saddened that I am 3 days late but assure you I will remember next year... September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Now, I realize talking like a pirate and dressing like a pirate are two completely different things. However, don't you think it would be easier to talk like one if you looked like one??? I am certain that the object of my Friday evening entertainment knew that the 19th was International Talk Like a Pirate Day and he was doing his part... as Nicholas would say.... "Good for him!"

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gnoah at the Gbeach drinking a Gbeer

It's a good life being a gnome ; )


Chris and I went to Chicago last weekend to visit our friend, Michelle. And Chris also ran the Banco Popular Chicago Half Marathon... say that three times fast! We had an amazing time despite the rain. Yes, it rained... and rained and rained and... well you get the point. Chicago and surrounding areas had severe flooding but we managed to take a trolley tour, walk the streets, go to one of the greatest beer bars in America (that is questionable) and run/watch a half marathon! I took some pics while we were there and also of Chris's race so I thought these might keep everyone busy for at least... 30 seconds ; ) Enjoy!

This is me and Michelle at Navy Pier. Chris had to pick up his bib number and other goodies on Saturday so we spent some time (in between rain showers) along the lake.

Doesn't Chris look cute with his girly umbrella. We met a girl on the street that had a matching one and she took a picture with Chris... How sweet : )
Here are Michelle and Chris showing off their wet pants.... we were soaked by the end of the day.

Clearly, there is no caption necessary for this lovely picture of me enjoying an enormous Hershey's bar.

Finally, Chris, Michelle and I got up at 5:45 am to make our way down to South Chicago where Chris had some serious work to do.... and yes, it was still raining!

The picture on the right was taken just after I yelled "That's my husband!" He was about 20 yards from the finish line at this point and the rain was still falling! I wish I had pics of Michelle and I out in the rain cheering on Chris and his fellow runners... I do have pics of our handy, dandy, no-run, stick-on, bubble letter signs...

All in all it was a great weekend. I don't think we will ever be able to repay Michelle for her hospitality and willingness to chauffeur us all over town in the pouring rain! I definitely owe her for standing on the side of the road holding these silly signs! Thanks Michelle!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Home Sweet (hopefully soon-to-be sold) Home

We are back from our week at the beach. We are tanned to perfection and ready to get back to work... well sort of ; ) In exactly 23 days, I will be unemployed! The hope is that we will move by late October... if not... please send donations to 1055-r Davis.... just kidding! We have had some good activity around the house and are hoping to have a viable offer soon.

If things work out as planned our next 2 months will go as follows: October 1st, I will have a brief but intense panic attack about not having a job for the first time in many years. October 2nd, I will begin purging and packing... hopefully, purging more than I pack! This will likely go on for several days and leave me in a bad mood. I have no idea how much of our stuff equals 500 pounds (this is what Uncle Ernie will pay to ship to London) but I am certain it will be less than I expect! Hopefully, we will have the house sold and closing will occur on or about October 15th. This would require all our belongings to be packed and ready for shipping or storage by the 14th. October 16th will start the beginning of our whirlwind visits to Tennessee and Florida and by the 26th we will be on a flight to our new home!

Now, I am guessing that this will be 100% inaccurate by say... 5 p.m. tomorrow. However, I feel comforted by a plan (even if it is a very very tentative one.) I assure you that I am updating this plan minute by minute in my head. My head is a very busy place... for more than one reason!

I almost forgot to mention that in between purging and packing, I will working feverishly to find a job in London. I think that prospect of not working is scaring me more than moving to another country! The last time I was jobless was the first semester of my freshman year of college. Idle time did not suit me well and I have worked at least one job (sometimes two) ever since.

1,2,3 no jinx! (Chris was a little worried about my premature post!)

Until next time! XOXO