Thursday, September 24, 2009

2 Pints of Guinness to Celebrate!

Florida Boy is moving up in London... and subsequently the world ;-)

Chris just got word today that he is being promoted to Senior Manager in October! There was some nervousness about the outcome of this years promotion since Uncle Ernie London only had a few months to see what Uncle Ernie Southeast Area and I have come to expect... udder perfection. (Laurie, that was for you ;-)

Chris thinks this post is a little too much but... when it comes to my amazing husband, nothing could ever be enough!!!

To celebrate we are enjoying a few pints of Guinness...

On a side note, Happy Anniversary to Guinness! Today they are celebrating the 250 year anniversary of signing the lease on the St Jame's Gate Brewery in Dublin... not to be too picky but the celebration is about 2 months early! Guess we will just have to toast with more Guinness in 2 months time!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Florida Girl finds the Florida Crowd

Nothing like watching the Gators with a crowd of Florida fans!!! Last night we headed to our normal football spot from last season, Bodeans BBQ, to meet up with the London Gator Club. Figured there would be 15, maybe 20 all together... in the end I think we took over the entire 3 floor restaurant! The reservation for 25 was not even close to enough so the group spread out... I feel a bit sorry for the other dinners who came in for a good ole fashion Saturday BBQ... instead they got to experience a taste of the Swamp! No AC and lots of people lead to high temps and high humidity, the yelling, cheering and trash talking rounded the experience out nicely. Good Times!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


On my walk home from work a few days ago I came across an interesting scenario. About 2 blocks from the flat, I found a pair of men's trousers on the sidewalk. It looked like someone had just walked right out of them. I ponder for a moment how a man could loose his trousers and just keep walking which is when I came upon a jumper (aka sweater)! Now I was baffled... trousers and a jumper within 10 yards of one another... could this be a coincidence? Now I felt like I was on the hunt... so when I came across a pair of men's underpants, I nearly jumped with delight!!! A few yards later, there was a men's button down dress shirt... and then it hit me.
There is a naked man roaming about my neighborhood!
West London be on the look out for (BOLO): a naked man!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blogging from my travel journal...

I love my travel journal. I take it pretty much everywhere we go but I rarely write in it. I always have the best intentions but hours of walking, sight seeing, pubbing, and the like always get in the way of my literary goals! On our recent trip to Eastern Europe I vowed to do better... I thought my 5 loyal readers would enjoy a peek into the private, travel blubberings of Florida Girl!

23rd August 2009 Day One
Not as early a start as we are used to... we slept til 4:45 am! Ha! Should be in Hungary in about 3 hours. I read the guide book over 3 weeks ago and remember only minor details... for instance, a Hungarian invented the Rubik Cube. Should be a fun trip, full of surprises!!!

24th August 2009 Day Two
We found a Belgian Pub in Budapest. Go figure.

Budapest is a city on the cusp of of dilapidation... it must have been brilliant before wars tore it apart and Communism left it in disrepair. Grand buildings with boarded up windows are the norm but occasionally you see one of these giants in the throws of renovation. Kind of makes you wonder...

The "underground" is laughable when compared to London. Barely below the road... walk down less than 20 steps and you are at the tracks! Funny little musical tunes play to signify a stop or when the doors are closing!

26th August 2009 Day Four
On the night train to Prague... It is an adventure that we will look back on with find memories (Note: Maybe in 20 years!!!)

Learning about Hungary's experience during WWII and then under USSR occupation has been interesting. I have not made my mind up on how to feel. Hungary allied with Germany during WW2 in a effort to regain land last following WWI... All in all, Hungary suffered worse with Communism that with the Nazis! Walking around the city, I can not imagine what it must have been like during those years...

Notes about the Night Train
No dining car.... seriously?!? Can buy small items from guy in our car but we spent all out money at the station!
No A/C! It is hot but with the window down it is loud. Note to self: Should have brought ear plugs!
Window open = Stinky farm smells every 10 to 15 minutes!
Sleeper car does not mean that you will actually sleep!
Why does the train keep stopping?
Who's idea was this stupid night train thing??? Why did I agree to this???

Note from Florida Boy
I think the best part of any trip is the moment you realize it is over... when you have a chance to first remember. I really enjoyed this one. This is what we moved to London to do. And I am happy!
Culturally, not as different as I expected, though knowing the people there experienced a very different past. amazing how quickly a country can move forward. Though my favorite part was that thermal baths, probably the oldest part of the city, they just seemed like such a natural part of the city.
I will never forget the night train to Prague. What seemed like an uneventful trip turned in to much more: After the 4th stop in about 2 hours, I realized our plans of sleeping and saving money on hotels were out the open train window!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Have you ever...

laughed so hard you peed your pants?
I guess there is a first time for everything...

Florida Girl presents
Homeless Prague Discotheque 2009

Notice that we aren't the only ones snapping pics as the show gets under way.

Is she alone???

I think she has a partner....

Yep... there he is, peeking over her shoulder.

He is warming up...

But his woman keeps stealing the limelight.

She is about to break it down...

What is this? A new move...

I think her man may be embarrassed.

He is kind of acting like he doesn't know her.

Maybe he is just considering a Kebab for dinner?

And he is back with his signature wide leg stance.

She is still strutting and he is... well... he is standing...

Ut oh... I put my camera down and looked away for just a moment... and this is what I found when I looked back. Notice the Kebab shop workers, we could hear them laughing from across the street. There are also 4 police officers out of view that are doubling over with laughter...

At this point, the tears started to well up in our eyes... the anticipation of what might happen next was almost too much to bear!

Yes, she did wrap her legs around his neck while lying flat on her back. And yes, he did lift her into his arms. And no, neither so much as stumbled!
I realize that the pictures can not possibly do this event justice... I strongly encourage everyone to print these pictures out and fashion a crude flip book. This will be the best way to recreate the moment. I recommend playing Billie Jean for the first few moves, then move on to Walk like an Egyptian, and close it out with Time of my Life... I think the moves sync nicely with the songs.
Oh... and we will be buying a video camera just in case this EVER happens again!