Monday, April 5, 2010

Teach a man to fish...

And you will have a freezer full of trout and no clue how to filet or cook them!

For Chris's 30th birthday we got him fly fishing lessons. He had the option to meet the instructor just outside London for a day trip or we could plan a weekend a bit further out and make a mini holiday out of it. It took a year but the weekend before his 31st birthday we headed to the quaint village of Longstock for some fishin' and eatin' and of course some R&R!

I brought the picnic basket in hopes of a nice lunch by the lake. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate so we lunched at the pub instead!

A country house just down the road from our inn. I looked at a few listings for local property and was amazed that a house like this is more affordable than a 2 bedroom flat in central London! It is times like this that I ponder the benefits of commuting... a fast train to London from here takes about an hour...

I am really, really, really looking forward to late spring and summer. This drizzly, grey weather is really taking a toll on me. Consider this picture a starting point... now close your eyes and picture green leaves, blue sky and little white fluffy clouds!

Let the fishing begin!
Can you spot the professional?

While Chris has practising, I wondered around and took picture...

And I put my feet up for a bit... fishing is hard work!

Any chance there is a fish on the end of that line?

This looks promising...

Two at once... now that is skill!

Once the fish were gutted and beheaded (poor little guys) I headed back to the pub/inn and asked the chef if he would cook us trout for dinner. A few hours later Chris returned with a massive smile, rosy cheeks, and stinking of fish... after a shower and change of clothes, we enjoyed the freshest fish ever! The other 3 trout are now in our freezer awaiting the grilling season... and visitors!

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LKipphut said...

Great photos, great your updates. I only wish Chris's Dad and I could have been at the fishing hole with you! Thanks Jen. We love and miss you both.