Monday, May 2, 2011

Holiday in Cambodia

A quick hop on our prop plane and we are now in Cambodia! Our first impression: holy wats it is hot! Seriously hot and humid like you wouldn't believe. We had an image in our head about poverty, beggars and constant rip offs. However, I can honestly say that has not been our experience so far. We checked into our guesthouse, dropped our bags and fought the urge to go back to bed. We started off in Phsar Chas or Old Market shopping for souvenirs.  A few high prices but easy to bargain down to reasonable amounts. However, I think I.have heard "hey lady" more in that 2 hours than I have heard me entire life! Hey lady you want scarf? Hey lady you like I make deal for you. Hey lady you want tuk tuk? Hey lady, hey lady, hey... enough to make me want to scream! We headed to Pub Street for lunch and to check out a potential cooking class before meeting our tuk tuk driver, Taul, to take us back to the hotel. The midday heat is absolutely draining so we caught a 30 minute power nap before meeting Mr Sith to take us up tothe Angkor Wat complex to watch the sunset from Bakeng Hill. Beautiful but the description of this event being like Disneyland is spot on. The crowds were massive and lessened.the experience a bit... and did I mention it was hot?!? Drenched in sweat I set about the crowd stalking a few monks for the 'perfect' picture. And all it took was a nice little smile and asking nicely to get the shoot I have been craving since seeing the first saffron clad holy man in LP!
Dinner was homemade Pat Thai and Paneng chicken at our guesthouse. Tomorrow we meet our Wat guide and driver at 5 am to catch sunrise and beat the heat and crowds! Until tomorrow.

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