Sunday, September 7, 2008

Home Sweet (hopefully soon-to-be sold) Home

We are back from our week at the beach. We are tanned to perfection and ready to get back to work... well sort of ; ) In exactly 23 days, I will be unemployed! The hope is that we will move by late October... if not... please send donations to 1055-r Davis.... just kidding! We have had some good activity around the house and are hoping to have a viable offer soon.

If things work out as planned our next 2 months will go as follows: October 1st, I will have a brief but intense panic attack about not having a job for the first time in many years. October 2nd, I will begin purging and packing... hopefully, purging more than I pack! This will likely go on for several days and leave me in a bad mood. I have no idea how much of our stuff equals 500 pounds (this is what Uncle Ernie will pay to ship to London) but I am certain it will be less than I expect! Hopefully, we will have the house sold and closing will occur on or about October 15th. This would require all our belongings to be packed and ready for shipping or storage by the 14th. October 16th will start the beginning of our whirlwind visits to Tennessee and Florida and by the 26th we will be on a flight to our new home!

Now, I am guessing that this will be 100% inaccurate by say... 5 p.m. tomorrow. However, I feel comforted by a plan (even if it is a very very tentative one.) I assure you that I am updating this plan minute by minute in my head. My head is a very busy place... for more than one reason!

I almost forgot to mention that in between purging and packing, I will working feverishly to find a job in London. I think that prospect of not working is scaring me more than moving to another country! The last time I was jobless was the first semester of my freshman year of college. Idle time did not suit me well and I have worked at least one job (sometimes two) ever since.

1,2,3 no jinx! (Chris was a little worried about my premature post!)

Until next time! XOXO

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Vim said...

You can do it!! You can find a job and sell your house!! WOO HOO!! I'll be thinking about you guys!!

FYI-- when Joe and I moved from San Diego to Orlando, our 3 bedroom house weighed a little over 700lbs... and we took EVERYTHING (the sofa, bedrooms, futons, kitchen tables, chairs, you get the picture.) If I were you guys, I would just take what I couldn't live without and get some kick-ass London furniture for your new pad!! :)

P.S. Love the smashing new hairdo!!