Wednesday, May 20, 2009

HRM and Me

On Monday, while out and about I happened upon a scene not too far from Buckingham Palace. Police motorcycles were blocking traffic and the road was virtually empty. I was curious so I paused to see what was happening... Imagine my surprise when a motorcade proceeded past... a ROYAL motorcade! After a few officers on motorcycles and a black SUV with dark tinted windows came a super posh and shiny chauffeured Bentley/Rolls Royce with NO window tent. I was almost in shock when I saw Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II sitting in the back! I realized I was holding my breath, waiting for and anticipating "the wave." You know the one... the Queen Wave... I surely would have squealed with delight if she had raised her gloved hand for a little hello... but she just sat there with her near perfect posture, in her light green suit, perfect hair and pearly whites!
Just as fast as she appeared... her car zoomed away to the safety of Buckingham Palace and I quickly realized that no one else was paying her any mind! I guess I am still a silly tourist after all ;-)

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Vim said...

That is so cool! Did you have your camera and snap pictures? That would have made you a TRUE tourist. ha ha