Thursday, June 4, 2009

British Vocabulary Lesson

It has been awhile... so I thought a quick lesson would be a nice way to jump back into blogging!

1. Pear shaped: An expression used to describe things going badly or wrong.

2. Pissed: This is a catch all expression that means just about everything expect what you would expect. It is NOT used to describe urination! It could mean drunk. It could mean things going badly. And it can be used in varying forms including: Pisser. A common expression: You don't want them to take a piss. This means to take advantage of or mess something up.

3. To fall pregnant: This one always makes me laugh. "Did you hear that so and so fell pregnant?" It is pretty self explanatory...

4. Thick: Used to describe someone who just doesn't get "it" or anything for that matter. Chris has started using this to describe people but always giggles after saying it.

5. Cheers: Thanks. If someone holds the door open for you (this is a very rare act), you would say "Cheers."

6. Ta: Another way of saying thanks. I got this the other day and just stared at the person thinking they had more to say... but nope... Ta was it!

7. Wind: If someone makes wind, they have farted.

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