Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Moments

Reading on the train is one of lifes little pleasures. My commute is only 30 minutes from door to door and I spend about 20 of it on the train. So I dedicate my mornings and afternoons to my book club book. This month it is Jitterbug Perfume. I've read it about 4 times but it never ceases to make me laugh and I still find amazingly constructed sentences that paint immaculate images like only Tom Robbins can do.

On those occasions when I have forgotten my book... usually on the side of the bath tub following my evening soak and read... I take time to look around and see what everyone else is reading. It isn't unusual to see one of the Twilight books or one of Stig Larsson's trilogy. I also see what appear to be a lot of student's ready text books... don't know if I could study on a rush hour train but to each their own.

While Nirk were visiting we were on the Piccadilly line when I spotted the lady below. She was really into her book so you can imagine my surprise when I read the title...

Technology of breadmaking!!!

I love living in a city where you can see just about anything at any given moment!


LKipphut said...

She's probably on her way to a bakery.

Nick said...

She was REALLY into that book. The expressions of intense concentration and fascination were enough to make me want to learn how to bake bread.

Anonymous said...

I thought I recognized that book when I saw the picture. It was very intense to say the least.