Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wow... What a month!

It has been ages since my last post. I've been busy trying to keep up with life! We've had visitors galore and I have about a billion photos to sift through and eventually post. Summer is officially in full swing and my shoulders are tanned. It is this time of year when I fall in love with London all over again and remember why we suffer through the winter. After months of drizzling rain, snow, iced over sidewalks, rubber boots, wool coats, gloves, scarves, multiple layers of socks, runny noses, and sunsets at 4 pm; I am relishing in the 90 degree temps and enjoying my sundresses, flip flops and days that last until 10:30 pm! In short, life is good!!!

I hope to get some pictures up today. I am also renewing my promise to do better with the posts!


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LKipphut said...

Love your new profile photo! Had a great time in London. You two are perfect hosts.