Friday, February 18, 2011

A few of my favorites from a quick trip home

After spending a short week in the states I thought I would come home with a hundred or more pictures. Turns out my camera does have an auto pilot and I wasn't as on my game as I had anticipated. The result... not very many pictures at all. However, here are a few of my favorites.

 Trying to figure out if Trey can roll his tongue. Uncle Chris lacks the appropriate gene and they say it is genetic. However, Trey is still a bit too young to understand the concept of rolling your tongue. Instead nephew and uncle spent about 5 minutes sticking out their tongues at each other and making other funny faces.

 I never set out to dress like my 86 year old Papa. However, Cricks can really rock the plaid so I am okay with this...

 Watching D-D-D-Dora. I tried for almost 15 minutes to get a picture but Trey was more interested in helping the baby red fish find his way back to the ocean. This included doing the crab dance, reading maps and shouting out various Spanish words.  Aqui! Ariba! 

 No explanation necessary...

This pic is a bit over exposed and full of shadows but too cute not to love. It was great getting to spend 2 days with Michelle, Matt and Trey. It was a quick visit and only left us wanting more. Thanks to the Farmers for their hospitality and for taxiing us all around Atlanta!

PS: I would have added the pic of my dad and Chris to this post if I hadn't already added it... just thinking about how excited they were with that 6 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon makes me laugh!

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