Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sagrada Família

Barcelona is famous for architecture, mainly the work of Antonio Gaudi. Gaudi's most famous building is the Sagrada Família which is a temple in honor of the holy family. Construction started in 1882 and expected to be completed in 2026! Pictures will not do the place justice. The facade completed in Gaudi's lifetime is hand carved stone with every inch covered in animals, flowers, insects... all forms of life. The other facade looks like something out of Star Wars... complete with storm troopers!
The Nativity Facade... a little overwhelming when you look at it all at once.

Still overwhelming when you break it down into small bits.

The 'Storm Trooper' side with full frontal Jesus...

My favorite part of temple is this guy... just chillin' in the sea breeze.

The inside also looks like something out of Star Wars. The place is enormous! Because it is still in progress, you can see the blue prints and plans. The difference between now and when Gaudi was in charge is that computers and lasers are being used to precisely carve stones.

Like I said, Star Wars...

A close up of the Nativity Facade...

All of the pillars have giant sea turtles at the base... it looks like they have been impaled or maybe they are just parched!

Instead of gargoyles, the temple is lined with lizards, frogs, snails, and snakes.
The entire place was definitely one of the most interesting and slightly disturbing places I have ever been. And to think that it is a temple/cathedral/church!

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