Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Weather

We have officially lived through 3 seasons since moving to London. I can honestly say that winter and spring are pretty predictable. My Mema Hilda told me all spring that every time she looked in the Tennessean it said that it was 45F and raining in London. I can honestly say from Mid February until early May this was the case. Then along came summer! Sunrises getting earlier and earlier, sunsets getting later and later. Temperatures rising and the rain drying up. June was amazing and my love of this city grew each day that I woke up to birds chirping and the sun shining. I should have known it wouldn't last. London is fickle. And it's weather is no different.
Since our return from Barcelona, the weather has taken us on a roller coaster ride. As I type, it is thundering and lightening and of course, raining. There are days when we have all 4 seasons in a single day... hot, humid, sticky rain; bone chilling, gusting wind; fluffy white clouds, soft breezes, and full on, intense and hot sunshine... and this is all before noon! I repeat a previous comment from November... this city is trying me! Have you ever tried to dress for all 4 seasons? Layers is the only reasonable solution which inevitably leads to me caring around a sweater, rain coat, and umbrella along with my bag.
Fingers crossed that this weekend will give us a window of good, steady summer weather... i.e. sunshine and a cool breeze but no rain!

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