Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tennis Anyone?

Once again, my post has been a long time coming... Better late than never should be my catch line ;-)
There were several buses from the Underground Station to the Wimbledon Arena but only one with this much character. I love the old double decker buses. There is one in London (No 6, I think) that is Airstream Silver but I never have my camera when I see it!

Our first glimpse of the order of play... we were hoping to see Andy Roddick and Venus Williams but they were playing on Court No 1 and we had tickets for Centre Court. Which is in the background of the this pictures. We did get to see the British hopeful, Andy Murray.

There are about 25 courts on the complex! The place is much larger than I was expecting.

We found our way to Court 18 to catch the women's number 6 in the world play... forgot her name already... and asked the guy behind us to snap a quick picture. He asked if we wanted center court in the background and we said yes. Apparently I should have specified that we also wanted both our faces in the picture as well.

The ball children!!! They are by far the best part of watching tennis at Wimbledon. They are trained like little army soldiers... I want one to run around my little flat doing chores and catering to my beck and call.

I could do this...

We saw this guy all over the place. Yes, he is wearing a curly white wig over a cap with headphones!!

Nothing like a relaxing day under the flowers, drinking Pimms and eating strawberries & cream... oh and watching tennis.

Center Court... in the shade!

Our first match at Center Court, Leyton Hewitt vs Juan Martin del Porto, Hewitt upset del Porto but eventually lost to Roddick in the Quarter Finals.

The line judges are awesome. Some of them get so into it that you would think they were playing, too. We most have seen them get hit about a dozen times. The wait until the absolute last minute to get out of the way of incoming balls so they can see if they are in or out... considering the serves were between 90 and 130+ mph I imagine they all woke up the following day with tennis ball sized welts!

Chris at the bottom of Henmen Hill... most of these people by tickets simple to get in the gates and onto the first come courts!!! They watch the big matches on a gigantic screen.

A men's double that we watched in passing on the way back to Center Court for the final match of the day...

The great British hopeful, Andy Murray... too bad he is Scottish... and he lost in the final!

We left at 6 pm and there were still people queuing to get inside. I think Wimbledon is just the English word for queue!

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LKipphut said...

I can't believe that guy cut off your heads! I bet you'll be real tennis fans from now on.