Sunday, August 9, 2009

Heaven on a bun...

Otherwise known as Lucky Seven.
Several months ago Chris and I read/heard about a place in Notting Hill that was supposed to have great burgers. A few months later we figured out the name of the place, Lucky Seven, and a few months after that I found it while working. It took me about a week to convince Chris it was 'close' and we could walk there for dinner. We went for the 1st time the day after Michael Jackson died... random I know... and enjoyed bacon cheese burgers with french fries, milk shakes and the MJ catalog rockin' in the background. It was Y U M M Y!!! We ate so much that it was painful to walk home and we both had to undo the top button on our jeans... but we vowed to return and do it again.
Yesterday, we met our friend Tim at the Great British Beer Festival for some good ol' fashion beer drinking... err tasting ;-) After what felt like 30 minutes but turned out to be about 4 hours at the festival, nothing sounded better than a big fat American style bacon cheese burger with beer battered onion rings and a cookies-n- cream extra thick milk shake.
Life is good.


Tim said...

That was an absolutely amazing meal... nothing quite like a burger with bacon, bleu and guac, with an extra thick milkshake on the side!!! Great find!

LKipphut said...

And to think we take such things for granted here! I crave fish and chips!