Sunday, August 16, 2009

The quiet before the storm...

Looks like things are about to get crazy.
With storms brewing in the Atlantic and coastal towns preparing for another hurricane season in the good ol' U S of A, we are preparing for a season of our own. Next Sunday we take off for Hungry, then to the Czech Republic, returning to London on the 30th and then preparing for a visit from an Atlanta friend. Sandhya arrives on the 4th or 5th September and we will likely hit up the English countryside for a weekend with Sandhya returning to ATL on the 9th. Her trip is followed by a bit of a breather... which will be devoted to training. After all, we are off to Oktoberfest in 2 short weeks and must be in top beer drinking condition. Back in London on 28th September with a possible visit from Mike within a few days. And to wrap up the fun filled season, the Kipphuts arrive on the 20th of October for a week that includes NFL in London!!!
I am worn out just writing it all down... But I wouldn't change a thing!!! Looks like we have some availability at the beginning of October if anyone wants to squeeze in a quick trip and help us move to the new place!

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