Friday, October 9, 2009

5 Amazing Years .. and Counting!

5 years ago today, I walked down the aisle, clinging to my father's arm and willing myself not to cry and destroy my make-up. By the end of that amazing night the following events had occurred: My mom cried as I twirled in my dress, I shared a laugh with my dad as we shared a Miller Lite, Chris held my hand in his as he said our vows, I struggled to get the wedding band on my plump ring finger, I shared a toast with 6 amazing friends and 1 amazing husband, Amber yelled 'Git'er Done' as we were introduced, Chris dipped me at the exact perfect moment as we finished our first dance as Mr and Mrs, Katherine Smith-Moreno handed me a perfectly poured Captain and Coke when I needed it most, Laurie hi-fived me to celebrate everything coming together, Kirk gave the longest and greatest best man toast EVER in the history of weddings including a shout out to his new favorite Aunt Sue, I enjoyed a slice of the BEST wedding cake ever made, I had an impromptu dance with my father to Skynards "Gimme 2 Steps', I watched Chris's eyes smile with delight when he realized I was wearing the garter belt he had given me years ago as a joke after a business trip to Amarillo, we then laughed hysterically as Kirk and Vanessa put on an R rated show with said garter, I shared countless stolen looks, soft kisses and loving smiles with my new husband, I spun around in circles with Vanessa like we had done so many times before and I drove away, beside Chris as bubbles floated around us.

I remember thinking that night that it may never get any better than so many of those small but amazing moments. And then the next 5 years happened! Now as I walk past the Italian Fountains in Kensington Gardens or ride the bus past Buckingham Palace or spend the day planning our next adventure, I find myself thinking the same thing again... it might never get any better than this!! Or maybe, if the coming years follow the last five it will only get better.

Happy Anniversary Florida Boy!
ILU ;-)

PS: My wedding picture discs have been packed and this picture is the only one I have on the computer... I will post later with one of me and the hubby!!!

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Chris said...

You forgot about dancing to 'Shout' with the grandparents - best moment ever! Hard to believe it's been 5 years already. ILU2!

P.S...glad I checked the blog this week :-)