Thursday, September 24, 2009

2 Pints of Guinness to Celebrate!

Florida Boy is moving up in London... and subsequently the world ;-)

Chris just got word today that he is being promoted to Senior Manager in October! There was some nervousness about the outcome of this years promotion since Uncle Ernie London only had a few months to see what Uncle Ernie Southeast Area and I have come to expect... udder perfection. (Laurie, that was for you ;-)

Chris thinks this post is a little too much but... when it comes to my amazing husband, nothing could ever be enough!!!

To celebrate we are enjoying a few pints of Guinness...

On a side note, Happy Anniversary to Guinness! Today they are celebrating the 250 year anniversary of signing the lease on the St Jame's Gate Brewery in Dublin... not to be too picky but the celebration is about 2 months early! Guess we will just have to toast with more Guinness in 2 months time!


LKipphut said...

That was the fastest post ever! We ditto your thoughts on your amazing husband. Good job Chris. You've made your mama proud.

Vim said...

CONGRATS on the raise!! We are so happy for you guys :) :). Thank goodness Uncle Ernie London sees greatness when it's in front of him :)!!

David G. Johnson said...

Congrats to Chris! Excellent!