Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fancy Dress Fun in the S-J-Dub

After a year of threatening to do a pub crawl from our place in St John's Wood to the Marshki's in Kilburn... we finally got it together in October. And since it was October, the only way to do it was in costume. And if you're going to put on a costume, it should be an 80's themed get up... And if it is 80's themed and Chris is involved... well... then it is obviously going to be...

He Man and his once long lost sister She Ra... the sister bit was strange... CK in a blonde wig was stranger!

The Marshki's did it up with Beetlejuice and Lydia.
The whole gang at our favorite local, The Ordinance.
Alex and Oli drove down from Stoke for the festivities. Oli made a brilliant Axel Rose!

 Tim rocking the Canadian tuxedo with Laura proving metallic animal print leggings are hot!

 Anthony won a prize for best costume at the last pub we visited... and believe it or not CK won for best dancer! If only I had taken video of his Gray Skull shuffle!

I am afraid this is where the pictures end... following this last photo there was a bus journey with zombies and a cowgirl, a walk through Camden that included several random stranger photos, the aforementioned dancing contest, a long wait at a bus stop in the cold, an attempt to secure a taxi and finally a walk through Primrose Hill to get home! It is a good thing the camera was safely tucked away and forgotten about! No need to worry; everyone made it home safe and sound! 

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