Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Party Day to ME!!!

After getting a taste of karaoke at the Marshski wedding in August I am officially hooked. So when CK and I saw a sign for karaoke at our local pub it started the wheels turning... I asked CK to plan a birthday party for me before all our friends disperse across the world for the holidays. Thus Jen's 28th (yep I am officially going in reverse now) Birthday Party Day Celebration was born!

The gang at the Grand Union in Islington post dinner (which included a very loud birthday serenade and table dancing). The gang had a very lovely addition of Michelle from Atlanta who happened to be in town for work.

Getting the party started in our private karaoke room at Lucky Voice with a little Amy Winehouse. Good thing for you this blog doesn't have sound!

 Charles and Bethany sporting the lovely hates provided in our prop box!

 Steven and Chris wearing their own wigs... just kidding, those were in the prop box as well.

These are the only pics we have at the minute but I will try to beg others off the rest of the singers... err I mean friends ;-)

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