Sunday, December 12, 2010

Florida Girl returns...

After a very long winter and a rather dull London summer, we headed to Rosemary Beach for Labor Day. My dad and Lori drove over from Jacksonville for a night before heading north to Tennessee. Michelle, Matt and trey came down from Atlanta for the end of the week. We had a week of sunshine and amazing heat... which I am dearly missing at this moment! Chris and I were on the beach every single day and if I look closely enough I can still see faint tan lines over 4 months later!

 Me, Chris, Laurie, Mike, Michelle, Trey and Matt

 Our first day on the beach... HEAVEN!

Lori, me and my dad.

Christopher and his toes...

Chris, me and Trey... after a week in the sun.
Trey sporting his Polska t-shirt. 

 I'm at the beach... Woo Hoo!!!

The trick is to jump a little but bend your knees a lot! 

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