Tuesday, February 3, 2009

He's back...

Gnoah has been resting lately... kickin' back and takin' it easy. To hear him tell it, I forgot to take him along to Oxford and Holland Park but that simply isn't the case. He has been looking pale and I just thought he needed to rest. Regardless, when he saw our pictures from Hyde Park Gnoah insisted on playing in the snow all morning...

Despite the sun being out and the temperature rising, Hyde Park still has a pretty good covering of snow. However, I had to wear my hood as the snow in the trees is melting and I got nailed in the head with some giant wet globs of cold water... not fun. Gnoah laughed... not nice or gnomely.

Gnoah insisted that he could make a better snow angel that me. Ha! I scoffed at him and laughed the whole time he was wiggling about in the snow... Seriously, I am the snow angel master!

And then I saw this... not sure how he did it but Gnoah rocked the snow angel!

After the snow angels, we made a snow man... Gnoah made me do most of the work. Something about not being able to get his arms around the giant balls of snow? I think he is just lazy.

I suggested a snowball fight but Gnoah refused to put down his flowers. I swear, this silly Gnome should have been born in the 60s! He is such a flower child...

All in all we had a nice morning in the park.
We are looking forward to the next snow...in 18 years!

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Anonymous said...

Gnoah called last night. He thinks it's too cold there and wants to come home.