Friday, February 27, 2009

Cast of Characters, Part 1

Now that we have been in our neighborhood for several months I think it is time to introduce my "neighbors." I am using the term neighbor loosely here because none of these people actually live in my building and yet I see them all the time.

First, a lady that I have named "Ruth". She is a little Asian lady who's age is not easily determined. I would never says this maliciously but "Ruth" is a nutter! I saw her the first time at the post office while I was sending Christmas gifts. She was glaring at me and having a heated conversation with herself in her native language (I assume). She was also frantically writing on a newspaper insert. She was surrounded by bags of what appeared to be files and loose papers. Each bag had been very neatly stuffed to capacity. At first, I thought she was upset with me. I was very uncomfortable with the interchange so I moved. She continued to glare at where I had been standing. It was becoming clearer to me that she might not be completely sane. I returned to the post office the following week and saw "Ruth" again. This time she was standing on the sidewalk surrounded by the same bags. She was dressed in a flowery dress and lace up ankle boots. It was a very cold day and she had bare legs. I was cold just looking at her. She was pacing back and forth but would pause every few steps and glare across the street. There was nothing in her line of sight but the look on her face was clear that she was seeing something! Now I see "Ruth" regularly. Generally she is carrying her bags and walking down the street. However, her bags are too many for her to carry at once so she will carry 2 or 3 off them about 10 yards, set them down and then go back for the next load. It takes her almost an hour to walk a block. I watched her one day from a coffee shop. If she would stop fighting with her imaginary friend she could probably shave a good 20 minutes off her best time. I would love to help "Ruth" out in some way but to be honest; the 5 foot tall, 90 pound, Asian nutter scares the bejesus out of me!

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