Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Going to the country...

With the city of London fully conquered by the Kipphut Ladies, we decided to make a break for the country on Friday! Our first order of business was taking Chris hostage from work. After all, we needed a driver if we were ever going to make it The Cotswolds.

Driving... or maybe I should say riding since Chris did all the driving... was an experience to say the least! After 3 days in the passenger seat, I would still have a moment of pure confusion when I looked up to see an on-coming car in the "wrong" lane. I don't think I can erase years of conditioning... Chris, however, seemed to pick it up pretty quickly. There were 2 slight faux pas when we were turning and there were no other cars in sight. There were also some pretty close calls on the passenger side where we barely squeaked by without hitting fences, mailboxes, other cars, etc... although Chris will deny it, I can assure you we were much too close for comfort. In the end, Chris did a fabulous job and we made back to London with no damage!

Now... back to the country!

The Cotswolds are an area to the east of London that are know for their hills, thatched roof cottages and sheep. The towns/villages have some great names and I secretly giggle every time I say them! Stow-on-the-Wold, The Slaughters, Wotton-under-Edge, Moreton-in-Marsh... how funny! The names aside, the villages are amazing! I have never seen anything like it. Each village or town looked like it was straight out of a painting with perfectly tended rivers, old mills, sheep grazing on hills in the background, and buttercups popping up everywhere... it was quintessential English countryside!

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