Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What will you choose?

So this post is not going to tell a very fluid story... I realized after I had uploaded 3/4 of the pictures that I had put them in backwards. Opps! I always forget that I have to upload the pictures from last to 1st so they will be in order on the post... and uploading takes a decent chunk of time.
So... As readers, you have a serious decision to make here... do you read the post from top to bottom or from bottom to top? The choice is yours! Let me know how it turns out...
This is where it gets awkward...
If you are just getting started... enjoy!
If you are a bottom to topper... Until next time! XOXO
The end of our walk around the lower lake... very peaceful and also windy! I tried my best to snap picture during the brief moments of sunny blue sky... I think I missed the boat on this attempt. However, if you squint a little you can make out a slight sliver of blue!

Upper Lake? Lower Lake? We may never know...

We speculated that this was a leprechaun trail... however, we followed it as far as we could and found no signs... evasive little creatures!

Ivy, iron fences with scrolls, stone work... the ultimate picture ;-)
Eat your heart out Laurie!

The Monastic ruins at Glendalough. Glendalough means "glen of two lakes." And the 2 lakes are appropriately named, lower lake and upper lake. As it turns out we ran into our friends who where on a day trip from Dublin in the cemetery... creepy!

I think I would live here if I were a wee little leprechaun!

Views of the blanket bogs driving through Sally Gap.
Our flight arrived in Dublin at about 8 am. We picked up the rental car and made a bee line to the B&B. We came prepared with Susan, our trusty GPS navigator who has successfully lead the way in Germany, England, California, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, as well as countless other destinations and journeys). However, Susan is utterly useless in Wicklow County Ireland!?! Her Gaelic is bloody awful and according to her calculations we were driving around in the middle of sheep fields and off the sides of mountains for 2 straight days! Of course, we are dependant on GPS and came prepared with NO maps other than the Hertz freebie... and let's be honest that map is a joke... Through some skillful navigation on my part and a little luck of the Irish we found the B&B! The owner of the B&B, Marilyn, greeted us with a map (hooray!) and outlined a great scenic drive... we were off! Our first stop was Lough Tay (Lough mean Lake and is pronounced 'lock). There is a house down by the river were the Guinness family used to "summer" and scenes for the Showtime show Tudors are filmed. Next we headed to Sally Gap were scenes from Braveheart were filmed. Apparently, Wicklow County Ireland is a hot spot for the movie business... who knew!

Wicklow Way Lodge is just outside of Roundwood, which happens to be Ireland's highest village... which I think explains the ridiculous wind! If you are reading this from bottom to top you will get the joke... if not scroll down...

The view from our B&B. After dinner on Saturday night, we stood on the deck and looked up at the stars. I don't I have ever seen so many in the sky! I really wish that my dinky Nikon could have captured that picture because words can't describe it. Chris and I just stood (in the freezing cold wind) with our mouths open, staring... then the motion light turned off and there were even more! We could only stay outside for about 10 minutes because it was so windy and cold. I had wind burn on my face the next morning! Seriously, it was like I had been in the Florida sunshine in August with no sunscreen!
Top to Bottomer's... Until next time!

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LKipphut said...

I am eating my heart out as I read your blog.  I LOVE the photo of the iron gates.  Good job, little grasshopper!