Monday, March 9, 2009

Where to start...

This has been a very busy week. Laurie (aka Nana Deuce, Momma K or Mom) came to visit. She arrived on Tuesday morning and we hit the ground running! I don't think we really stopped until last night when we sat down to watch Young Victoria... It was great to have company during the day and I think we left no store unshopped and no picture untaken!

We started the visit by strolling down Westbourne Grove and dodging the brewing storm in many of the great little boutiques along the way. It is a real shame that the beautiful and "warm" weather from the week before could not hold out a little longer. Tuesday started sunny but windy... However, by 3 o'clock the sky was dark and it was clearly getting ready to chuck it down! We made it all the way to Portobello Road and picked up a few travel books at The Travel Bookshop. Then we made a bee line for the flat to freshen up for tea at The Wolseley. This started a week long tradition of afternoon tea! It was so funny to see business men in their suits and ties chatting up their colleagues over silver tea pots and three tier plates of scones, tea sandwiches and pastries! English men are truly a unique breed! I would love to post some pics... However, when I snatched Laurie's camera and started snapping away I was promptly told by the staff that The Wolseley has a strict no photography police! Leave it to me to get scolded during tea!!! After tea we headed over to Fortnum and Mason for more browsing.

The short ride home on the tube but Laurie to sleep. It was cute watching her fight to stay awake but I was very impressed with her stamina. She did not sleep on the flight, took no nap upon arrival and shopped the day away like a pro! Chris was presenting at a conference all day and then had a work dinner so he did not come home until after 10 o'clock. Laurie stayed strong and waited to see the boy! However, I think she feel asleep the moment her head hit the pillow and was not bothered by the sound of Chris re-filling the slowly deflating air mattress through out the night! Poor Chris! I did not close the valve tightly so the air slowly but surely leaked out all night long until Chris was lying flat on the floor! I have been officially taken off valve duty!

Wednesday morning we made a trip through Kensington Gardens the Whole Foods for some more shopping! I knew Laurie would love to see this store and her reaction did not disappoint! We picked up all the fixin's for yummy olive chicken in a white wine sauce and risotto. And then we headed east to meet Chris at The Don for lunch in the bistro. A very cute and good restaurant hidden away in a courtyard with the bistro tucked away in an old wine cellar. After lunch we sent Chris back to work and we headed out on a walking tour of London. First to St. Paul's Cathedral, you may remember that this is were we spent Christmas Eve. We were amazed to learn that they charge 11 GBP per person to tour the inside of the cathedral so we went to the gift shop instead! From St Paul's we walked to Covent Gardens and then through Trafalgar Square to The Mall. We considered taking the bus but at the sight of St. James Park and the flowers we decided to continue the walk all the way home... almost ;-) We hopped on the tube at St. James Park and headed home for our afternoon tea!

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