Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back in the Saddle

The only way to end a cooking hiatus... lamb chops with mint-mustard sauce. The reason for the hiatus is simple... between visitors, traveling and just plain laziness; I had not been to the grocery store in almost 3 weeks! So I grabbed my shopping bags and headed through the park to Whole Foods for a pantry stocking, shopping extravaganza with free delivery!

The best part of the day; a free show in the park! By pure chance (and a little left over luck of the Irish,) I happened upon a man... dancing with a tree! It was actually 2 trees to be precise. He was really getting down and seemed to be keeping time to the song playing on my i-pod! I couldn't help by stop and stare... and at that exact moment he did a pirouette and then kind-of skipped over to the next tree! Once he had finished the maneuver he glance my way and did a little booty shake... it took every ounce of energy I had to not release the roar of laughter in my belly! If I am treated to performances like this every time I go shopping, I might just go more often!

I followed the same route home but he was gone... only to be replaced by a throng of tourists fresh off the buses! Spring in London...

Back to the pan seared lamb chops... I think they may have secured my marriage for another few months ;-) Tonight's menu; Roasted red bell pepper soup to start and a Roasted chicken with pan fries to finish... That should get me well in to 2010!

Until next time!

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