Sunday, September 20, 2009

Florida Girl finds the Florida Crowd

Nothing like watching the Gators with a crowd of Florida fans!!! Last night we headed to our normal football spot from last season, Bodeans BBQ, to meet up with the London Gator Club. Figured there would be 15, maybe 20 all together... in the end I think we took over the entire 3 floor restaurant! The reservation for 25 was not even close to enough so the group spread out... I feel a bit sorry for the other dinners who came in for a good ole fashion Saturday BBQ... instead they got to experience a taste of the Swamp! No AC and lots of people lead to high temps and high humidity, the yelling, cheering and trash talking rounded the experience out nicely. Good Times!

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LKipphut said...

I just got caught up on my blog reading...especially liked the homeless dancers photos. I guess you'll hit the road in a few days for Munich and some serious Octoberfesting in September. Have fun.