Saturday, September 19, 2009


On my walk home from work a few days ago I came across an interesting scenario. About 2 blocks from the flat, I found a pair of men's trousers on the sidewalk. It looked like someone had just walked right out of them. I ponder for a moment how a man could loose his trousers and just keep walking which is when I came upon a jumper (aka sweater)! Now I was baffled... trousers and a jumper within 10 yards of one another... could this be a coincidence? Now I felt like I was on the hunt... so when I came across a pair of men's underpants, I nearly jumped with delight!!! A few yards later, there was a men's button down dress shirt... and then it hit me.
There is a naked man roaming about my neighborhood!
West London be on the look out for (BOLO): a naked man!

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