Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hello Neighbor...

Last Thursday on my way to work at a very respectable 10:15 am, I ran into one of our neighbors... Sir Paul McCartney!!!

I was cool, calm, collected as I flashed a smile and said good morning. He smiled back and returned my morning greeting.
Now for a quick look into what was happening in my head as he approached: "Huh? That guy looks kind of familiar. Who is he? Is that... No, it couldn't possibly be... HOLY CRAP! It is... that is Paul McCartney. Oh my god a BEATLE!!! Calm down, calm down. What are you going to say... Hi? No that is stupid; he probably hears "hi" all the time. Oh no, he's getting closer. Think woman think!!! Okay he is only a few feet away, smile... less teeth, say something... say something... Good Morning (out loud) Sir Paul McCartney (to myself).
As I walked away I very literally did a silly little dance and said out loud/to myself "I just spoke to a BEATLE!!!" I then proceeded to call Chris and leave a ridiculous message which he in turn played to all his co-workers.
I now walk the exact same way to work every day in hopes that I might see him again. I have a mental list of things I will say to him the next time. But I am pretty sure I will just ask him the following question: Aren't you the lead singer of Wings?


Tim said...

You saw WHO!??!?!? That's incredible! Welcome to living in London!! (and I absolutely need to hear that voicemail sometime!)

Vim said...

OMG!! That's awesome! Joe is going to be so jealous when I tell him!! :)