Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When the Farmers Came to Londontown

A few weeks ago Michelle and Matt came for an extended weekend trip to London. They arrived on Friday and Michelle headed home on Tuesday. Matt stayed in town until the following Saturday but had to work... boo work! However, in the few days we had together we walked to Camden via Primrose Hill, spent way too much time at Cyberdog (a futuristic space clothing store... the store's description, not mine!), had a delicious dinner at Cinnamon Club followed by a walk past Westminster Abbey, Parliament, County Hall, and the Eye, spent a night in the country, waved to the queen, stared at some royal guards, ate in a cave, went shopping on Marylebone High Street and enjoyed tea at the Wolseley! Not too shabby for 4 days!

Matt and Michelle in Camden.

Cold Farmers in front of Big Ben.

Michelle and Matt in front of the old mill in Lower Slaughter.
Yes, it was as cold as it looks.

Michelle and Chris at the Puesdown Inn.

Nothing better than a comfy sofa, a warm fire and great company to put smiles on our faces!

 Michelle and Matt at Gordon's Wine Bar.

I will try to post some more pictures from the weekend soon.
Until then...
~Hugs and Kisses~

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LKipphut said...

Photos of all of you together are great. Thanks. It does look cold!