Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh no.. not the hat!

Today was a sad day.

After hoping for the best last night it became official around noon today.

I lost my hat.

My favorite hat.

Yep, the one I am wearing in ALL the pictures you've seen over the last year.

I went back to my last client from Tuesday but it wasn't there. I looked in, on, under, next to, around and behind my desk at work, not there either. I asked the receptionist, the porter, a security guard and the cleaning guy, just in case. I even retraced my steps from the last moment that I was sure I had it... alas, there was no hat to be found. I did find a men's left hand glove and considered going on a search for it's owner just in case he is a devastated as I am.

I guess I am destined to lose things. Umbrellas, my Free People scarf from Chicago, my mind... and now my hat.

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