Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ain't no Sunshine...

The sun has left London and I seriously fear it may never return. In the last 7 (maybe more) weeks I have seen the sun a grand total of 2 times. I have started to take a vitamin D supplement to fend off rickets! I truly believe that SAD (or Seasonal Affective Disorder) is the cause of most British grumpiness. Complaints about the cold, grey, cloudy, rainy days are abundant... However, when the sun is out complaints about it being too bright and unseasonable sunny flow like water so maybe the British just like to complain! I fight with my co-workers to keep the blinds open on the sunny days and am starting to wonder if they are vampires. I am planning on sneaking in some holy water, silver crosses and garlic gloves to run some experiments... full report of findings to follow.

While I wait for spring and the sun to return, you can find me at the local tanning salon. Is it weird to slap on SPF 50 before fake baking?

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