Sunday, January 23, 2011

Look out Ginger and Fred... The Kipphuts are taking over this show!

Last night we headed to Wapping for a little vino and some dancing. To the relief of all involved in the evening there were no cameras. To answer your first question, Wapping is in east London. And to our surprise still in zone 2... However, I have not confirmed this on an official map so not sure I believe it! And now the second question, how on earth did I get CK out dancing??? This was easier than one might suspect. A friend, Tim, invited us and CK accepted without realizing what he was getting himself in to... That ought to teach him to read his email a bit more carefully!

Our friends, Tim and Laura, started the night off with a delicious roast and the first of a few bottles of wine. We had a great view of the dance venue from their dining room. The Wapping Project is an old hydro electric plant that has been converted into a restaurant, events hall, and exhibition space. Very little has been changed but it is a beautiful space with exposed bricks, huge windows and vaulting ceilings. A perfect place to take a spin around the dance floor!

There were 2 professional instructors. A sweet youngish girl who was patient, kind and did her best to stiffle her giggles as we trotted all over each others feet. And a rather gruff guy
who looked like perhaps his family was being held hostage until he taught us a few dance moves. His technique was simple... If they don't get it just move on and teach an even more complicated move... Including one that involves the guy sliding the girl along the floor, between his legs and then popping her back up to her feet. If you are having trouble picturing this just imagaine me flat on my back with Chris standing over me laughing uncontrollably.

All things considered and excluding the grande finale move, we rocked it! Chris even danced his way down the street to breakfast this morning just to prove he could still do it. And that is how a star is born!

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Tim said...

Thanks for coming out and joining us here in the East! See? You didn't even need to go through passport control to get to Wapping!

Glad to hear Chris is doing well with this... we were both a bit sore from the dance moves the next day!