Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Ear Issue

So no word yet from the house showing on Sunday... the old saying "No news is good news" does not apply here. Hopefully we will have some traffic this weekend and next as I don't think house shopping is a popular event for the 4th of July weekend!
Chris is in Nashville for the week... and from what I can tell he is having a splendid time! We sent the paperwork to the UK yesterday afternoon! So now we wait on the Visas' and the house! We are going to make an appointment with a "Letting Agent" during our trip next month to start looking at places to live. I will take pictures so everyone can laugh at out future shoebox flat. You know, Barbie shoebox palaces were my speciality in childhood so I may be able to turn our little flat into quite the luxury space... nothing some magazine cut outs, a glue stick and plastic mardi gras beads can't fix (just ask Barbie, Skipper or Ken!)
Chris signed up to run a 10k this coming weekend to prepare for his 10k on the 4th. That makes very little since to me but hey, whatever works for him is fine by me. I have been given "permission" to sleep in and skip the race. This is especially great since I was on call all last week and need a few late mornings to catch up on my beauty sleep!
Sleep has been difficult at best lately and not just because of on-call. I have this odd ear thing going on. I constantly feel like my left ear has water in it. My hearing is muffled. And my "inner" ear area is hurting. I have had something like this in the past due to sinus problems and fluid build up in my e-tube. However, normally I take some allergy meds and it goes away in a few days. I am going on over 2 weeks now and I am starting to worry. I have an appointment tomorrow to get it checked out. In the mean time, I have created all kinds of weird potential causes of the ear issue. I googled the symptoms (which is NEVER a good idea for me) and the first site I find is all about insects crawling into ears at night while you sleep. SERIOUSLY! Why do I Google things like this when I should just make the Doctor's appointment? So last night I convinced myself that I could feel a bug crawling around in my ear. RIDICULOUS! I know. So hopefully the Dr. will get down to the bottom of it tomorrow and provided me with an instantly working remedy. (A girl can hope, right?) A funny thing about not being able to hear out of my left ear... today at work someone was standing in my door talking to me (my buggy ear was facing them) and I could hear someone talking but I was certain they were a few doors down so I continued to focus on the computer screen in front of me. Eventually, the person had to come tap my shoulder! I jumped because I couldn't hear them coming! I need one of those old ear horns to hold up until the bug is removed ; ) Wish me luck and think positive, "non-buggy" thoughts about me tomorrow morning! Until next time...
Hugs and Kisses!

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