Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Caravan Tuesday and God

So today was the big Realtor Caravan. Jenny (our agent) said there was a great turn out and everyone (the Realtors, that is) loved our place. Now it just a matter of the right time and the right buyer. Out of fear of revisiting my not so helpful therapist, I have been working on "letting go." Or as my bible thumping co-workers constantly say "Let Go and Let God!"

So funny story about God... Apparently, he was recently arrested for selling crack near a church! Seriously, here is the link to the ABC news story... So my first question is: Who names their child God? And not just God but God Lucky Howard???? I love the tag line on the video "God goes Gangsta." I realize that laughing at this is likely going to send me straight to hell... but at the moment I simply can not help myself.

My second question... why, oh why, does this man have to be from my beloved home town? Who knew God was sellin' drugs in Ybor City? And doin' time in the big house! All the years I worked in the projects and neighborhoods he was arrested in, maybe I passed God on the street without even knowing it! Just in case anyone was wondering... this is not God's first scuffle with the law. Apparently, he was arrested 2 times in 2004 and served 18 months for a possession of cocaine with intent to deliver charge. So apparently, God does not learn from his mistakes.

Well, if this sad tale of God's downward spiral into the drug dealing world evokes in you a desire to do good... God Lucky Howard can be bailed out of the Hillsborogh County Jail for a mere... $86,500.00. And on the eight day, God was bailed out of jail!

My last comment regarding God... when God was younger, do you think his friends would knock on his door and ask "Can God come out and play?"

Until next time... and yes, I am still giggling without abandon about this whole God thing!

OK so I decided to come back and add this final small detail... a picture of God... I mean doesn't everyone want to know what God looks like?

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