Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I am a handy woman!

I made an upholstered headboard! Chris and I pretty much dedicated our Sunday to this endeavor. We only had to make one extra trip to Ace because we bought the wrong caliber staples. And we initially put the legs on the top instead of the bottom but in the end it is perfect... if I can figure out how to post pictures on this thing I will show everyone! OK, I figured out how to upload the pictures but I don't have a picture of the head board so be patient! The sole purpose of the headboard was to bring color into our otherwise tan room... well, mission accomplished!

I must say it is a little depressing that our house is looking the best it ever has and not for us but for the potential new owner. Oh, well... I keep reminding myself that I am going to be living in London!

So the next little project has nothing to do with London or selling the house so I am straying off the blog topic a little... I am planning the 89th Annual Crick family reunion! That is correct... 89! Now you may be asking yourself "how on earth did Jen get herself in to this?" The answer is simple... I can not master the art of saying "No." Two simple letters that make a simple word that I can not seem to use when I am asked to do something... therefor I am the president of the HOA, president of the Crick Family Reunion, Special Project Girl at work and I am organizing a neighborhood yard sale... Saying No seems so much simpler than all this work. But I digress... back to the reunion...

If anyone would like to meet a Crick from Texas, California, Georgia, Florida, Alabama or Arizona I would strongly encourage you to be at Henry Horton State Park in Chapel Hill Tennessee on July 27th at 12 pm... and don't come empty handed because this is a covered dish reunion! Now you may be asking exactly what is a Crick. Well it can be several things. A small stream running through the woods that some might call a creek. Or it may be a muscle tenderness in the neck from sleeping at a awkward angle (i.e a crick in the neck). Or it is a group of Southern (even those from Cali have a sweet twang in their voices) kind relatives that I call family. Here is a picture of my immediate family... all Cricks.

I used to attend these reunions every summer but only a few stick out in my memory. They used to be outside at Henry Horton State Park and always in July or August. The temperature always at 95 degrees or hotter and my grandfather's twin sister were always dressed alike. So as the reunioners have aged, the festivities have been moved in doors to a more hospitable climate. So Chris and I went to the reunion last year. We walk in the door and as I am walking to sign in I am swept up by a cousin and the next thing I know... I am in charge of this years reunion. My immediate family finds this to be funny... they have worn themselves out making jokes and laughing at my misfortune. My father had one request which was to move the event to an alcohol friendly venue... he was promptly shushed by his mother (my sweet Mema, sitting next to Chris in the picture). Then my father announced he would not attend the reunion as his fear was he would inevitably wind up in my same position for number 90! The good news in all of this is that I have the perfect excuse for abdicating my throne... I am moving to London! (And with that the story comes full circle!)

So now I am no longer fighting the "Can't Say No Battle." I don't have to say no... I say "I am moving to London"

Here is another "Crick" picture just for good measure!

Until next time!
Hugs and Kisses!!

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