Friday, April 17, 2009


Chris and I have never been shy about our love for Belgian beer. When the opportunity to spend Easter weekend in Brussels came about... what could we do? There was clearly no choice...

We found this cafe directly across from Mannequin Pis and were delighted by the menu... the beer menu. We came back here 4 times despite only being in town for 3 days!

Delirium Cafe... Something like 4000 beers in the bottle or on draft. No further comments are necessary.

A la Mort Subite... return to the scene of the crime. We visited this cafe on our last trip but this time we had the oude gueze and it was surprisingly delicious... and different!

Never go into a beer store called the Bier Temple when you are 3 or 4 beers into the day and heading to another pub... we brought home 8 bottles of beer that neither of us want to drink because then we will have to go back to Belgium to get more!

No trip to Belgium is complete without a Westmalle. The beer that started it all... our addiction to Belgian beer, of course ;-)

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LKipphut said...

I have never seen so many photos of beer!  And to think....I have never had more than a few sips of brew in my life.  I guess Chris becomes more like his father every day.