Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Emerald Buddha is not...

I am typing this entire entry on my phone with one finger so please forgive spelling errors. I am also sitting outside listening to the sounds of Thai people. From what we have seen in 2 short days this is a city that lives on the sidewalks. Cooking, eating, washing up and socializing even sleeping...on the front steps. It makes for an interesting combination of smells and sounds. There are stray dogs and cats everywhere as well. CK is constantly reminding me that we cannot bring them home... mean ol'Chris ;-) Needless to say between the people, the animals and us there is not much room for walking.
Last night we found our way to Khaosan Road... it was a people watching smorgasboard! This is the go to spot for backpackers and since we are backpackers we had to go... right? Found a bar with a Thai guy playing the guitar and singing. He played songs from the 90's and knew most of the words. Californication lyrics were particularly entertaining. We tipped generously and encouraged him to play more but he ended his set and was replaced by a guy in a Sex Pistols shirt. God Save the Queen... played a kazoo and we have video!  We eventually made our way to Upstairs Bar... yep, it was upstairs! Listened to more top 40s and enjoyed the local beverages... a good night in deed which end with a pad thai chicken pitta and a rather wild tuktuk ride back to the guest house. We had to ring the bell to get in and realised it was about 2am! Felt like we were back in high school about to get busted for missing curfew!
After sleeping in and enjoying the AC and hot shower, we went down to the Grand Palace. Wow! Not sure what I expected but this blew those expectations out of the water. I think we could have wondered for hours. However, being there in the hottest part of the day was not the best option! Please note that is not a complaint, just an observation. And here is another... it is hot as h e double l! I love it!! The Emerald Buddha sits atop a massive shrine of gold. As you eyes travel up to the top there is a itty bitty Buddha smiling down... okay he is about 2 or 3 feet tall. Originally found in 1434 covered in plaster until a monk noticed the green beneath a chip. Thinking it was emerald he dubbed it the Emerald Buddha but it is in fact carved from a single block of jade!
So much more to say but I am going blind staring at this phone and my typing finger has a cramp! Will look for an internet cafe. Until then...

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