Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pictures are not always worth a thousand words...

This time of year in London is amazing. Each morning when I open the windows to see blue sky and bright sunshine I am giddy with excitement. My path to the office takes me through St John's Wood Church Gardens, a place that I often photograph. However, I am nearly always disappointed with the photos... something is always missing but I can never figure out what 'it' is that is missing.  I've tried various compositions, angles, view points and nothing seems to fill the void. As I walked lazily along the flower petaled path yesterday trying to delay my arrival to work it dawned on me... Photos fail to capture the sounds of traffic in the background, of birds signing morning sounds, of children squealing on the playground. They don't capture the cool breeze or the warmth of the sun as you step out from the oaky shaded pathway. And they don't capture the scent of the slightly past their prime tulips that are spreading their pollen or the freshly mown lawn. Pictures can capture the color and the look but they can't capture the feel, the smell or the sounds of this peaceful oasis in the midst of morning rush hour. Days like yesterday it takes all the will power in world for me to not kick off my shoes and ignore the signs warning to 'stay off the grass' as all I want to do is feel the cool blades of grass between my toes and spend the day soaking up all that a photo can never capture.

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