Monday, April 25, 2011

On a prop plane to Luang Prabang!

Haven't been on plane this small since I went to Montgomery to meet up with CK! And that plane wasn't painted with palm trees and fish! On the agenda for LP are the Pak Ou caves where Buddha statues are taken when they are broken as it is against the religion to destroy them. There is also a waterfall about 45 minutes out of town. And CK will be hunting down any opportunity to take a boat on the Mekong... I think he was a little old fisherman in a former life!
However, the first order of business is to find a guest house! How odd it feels to be flying into a foreign country with no language understanding and no where to lay our heads!! Like nothing we've ever done.
Have a list ready of what to do when we come back through Bangkok. Mainly involves markets and photography. I am finding it tough to describe the scenery. Everything is so different yet also the same... I guess that explains the Thai saying "same same" but different. I have been hesitant to get my camera out for fear of offending people. So I will be trying some covert photography methods... report to follow ;-)
Will try to find a WiFi spot once we land and post this... until next time!

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