Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wee-en-chan (Vientiane)

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So far we are enjoying the capital city. I am back to single finger typing on my phone so forgive any mistakes! We got in around 2 pm... once again the intrepid travellers were out hunting down a guest house in the hottest part of the day! Not so lucky this time as option 1 was only available tonight and not the next 2. At first, we thought we would forge on but after sitting down to plan our next move CK decided (yes, I was chirping in his ear!) 1 night was enough for the moment! I think the stream of sweat flowing from his forehead was pretty convincing, too!
We settled into our 'one night only room' long enough to cool off and for the afternoon storm to blow in and then we sat in the lobby listening to the rain and looking for another room via my phone and the well worn guidebook. Success came relatively easy and we are now booked at a hotel up the street over looking a wat.
With the Cipro antibiotic and strange brown pills now in full force I was ready for food... all I have eaten in the last 2 days are a few Pringles, some Pho (bad bad idea!), a croissant, some oreos and french fries! A chocolate croissant and iced coffee at a little boulangarie did the trick. However, CK is fighting off traveller's tummy with a steady diet of curry and beer! It has only been moderately effective... the boy has a tummy of steel! We had a stroll along the Mekong and are now enjoying the cool evening at Full Moon cafe... curry pitas, Beerlao and free wi-fi, what more could the intrepid travellers want?

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