Friday, July 4, 2008

Just a matter of time...

This is an important moment for my Blog for several reasons. First, it is only a matter of time before the house sells now that St. Joe is tucked away under the red Georgia clay which means the move to London is imminent. This is important to the blog because... well look at the title, this Florida Girl needs to get her tush to London or change the name of the Blog. Secondly, the Kipphuts are about to make their first appearance (on the Blog, of course)! So sit back (make sure you can still reach the mouse) and enjoy the adventures of PVC St Joe in full color photo!

First, we got a shovel.

Some how it avoided the yard sale a few weeks back and was safely tucked away in the basement corner. This was a good thing because we had to dig a hole.

And by we, I mean Chris had to dig a hole and he did quite well! Doesn't he look sharp?

I did not know we were getting dressed up... Anyways, once the hole was dug... in goes the Saint!

Yes, he is a protective, plastic sleeve... after all nobody likes a dirty Saint. We closed things up by saying a few words... which was mostly Michelle laughing and me trying not to since I had to say the words! Then a handful of dirt...

Chris shoveled the rest on and we replaced the pine straw for a finished look. Matt was kind enough to find a nice stone marker to lead us back upon sale to dig up our "Underground Agent." And we finished the evening off with a family photo... taken from the truck of the car!

Thanks to the Kipphuts and the Farmers for helping us get good ol' Joe in the ground! Maybe we can repeat the fun, family get together after the house sells and we dig him up!
Chris is running the Peachtree Road Race tomorrow so look for some more fun pictures soon.... until then!
Hugs and Kisses ;)

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