Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Day in Oxford

With Chris off in New York City for the week I decided it was time for me to get out and explore. After a very small amount of research, I settled on taking a train to Oxford for the day. It was an hour long journey and the weather was looking a little bleak. However, when the train pulled in to Oxford the sun was shining, the sky was blue and I was off to take in the college town. I had sleepy college town in my head and found a vibrant, bustling city. I grabbed a map at the double decker bus tour kiosk and decided to hoof it. Unfortunately for my tootsies, I completely under estimated the size of Oxford. I had planned out a full day but decided I was less interested in touring a tourist trap castle and more focused on getting to know the city. I did break down and tour Christ Church College. I couldn't resist getting a first person view of a place with such great history. This is the college that Lewis Carroll was teaching (or possibly just studying, I have found both accounts) mathematics at when he met the dean's daughter, Alice, and wrote a captivating tale called Alice in Wonderland! The dining hall was also used as inspiration for the Harry Potter films... scenes were also shoot there for the movies. Okay, so I realize this is not exactly history but I didn't take notes on the true historical stuff ; )

This is the view of the campus from the visitors entrance. The gardens look a little bare but if you look closely you can see buds popping up out of the ground! Yeah... Spring is coming!!!

This is a pretty washed out picture of a fountain and garden on campus. I wondering were the door goes? I am thinking a secret garden or maybe that is the door from Alice in Wonderland!!!

Inside the main gates, this is the entrance to the cloisters and also the sight of Harry Potter filming. Pictures don't really do it justice, it is a beautiful place.

This is the "great" stair way where Harry Potter was filmed. If you look closely and ignore the giant white safety stripes on the stairs you can see all the little wizards waiting to inside to seal their fate with the sorting hat! Yes, you read that correctly... I am a huge dork!

This is the dining hall. They still serve meals here to the students and faculty. It smelled delicious and made me want to go to school there. Wouldn't it be great to go to class in such an amazing place and get to eat lunch these tables everyday like students have been doing for hundreds of years? I could dig it ; )

After the college I headed to a pub for a pint and some sunshine. I found the greatest pub/inn that was right on the Thames and had comfy picnic tables in direct sunlight and I watched someone feeding the ducks from the bridge... this whole place made me really miss Chris...

I sat drinking my pint and considered renting a room at the inn. I decided I was giddy from the sight of the sun and that renting a room would only be a waste of money... plus who would feed Moe?

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