Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Shopping Woes

During my short trip back to the states I went to the grocery store, I was almost immediately over whelmed by the choices. The biggest difference between shopping in the states and here is not the walking or the store layouts, it is the amount of choices. Here they may have 2 brands to select from or they may have an organic option but that is it! There is really no need to cost compare because there is usually only a difference of a few pence or nothing at all. Obviously, the larger the store, the large the selection but the largest store in walking range does not offer much to the arena of selection! I am missing the over whelmed feeling I had just a few days ago...

While shopping today I learned that the following two items are difficult if not impossible to find...

1. Swiss Cheese. Yep, good old fashion Baby Swiss, Lacey Swiss... any kind of Swiss, really. I looked amongst all the cheese options and when I had no luck I asked the guy in the deli. I said,"Do you have Swiss cheese?" He said, "Yes, what kind of cheese from Switzerland would you like?" I said, "Swiss." He said.... do I need to go on? I left the store without Swiss cheese.

2. Wham breads. Okay, so this was my mother's term for biscuits, croissant rolls or any other type of bread that comes in a can and is opened by "whamming" it on the counter. I forgot about this until I was in the store today looking for Wham pizza dough and couldn't not even begin to know what to ask the grocer for... Can't you just see me walking up to the stock boy and saying, "Sorry to bother but do you have any wham pizza dough?" The cheese man looked at me like I had 2 heads when I asked for Swiss cheese! I have everything i need to make yummy ham and cheese turnovers... except the turnover!

The good news... I got everything I need to make Balsamic glazed sirloin steak and horseradish, chive baked potatoes! Chris sure is one lucky man!

Until next time. XOXO

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Anonymous said...

Cheeseless it seems, but lucky yes :-)