Friday, January 30, 2009

Oxford... Part Two!

After the pint, I took a stroll up the River Thames... a much longer stroll than I had intended but a stroll none the less. I found a walking tour on-line and it said this walk would take about 30 minutes. 30 minutes into the walk I was 30 minutes from the start and about 30 minutes from the finish! In the end, I was in the middle of no where and had to ask for directions to get back to the center of town... Luckily, the sun was still out and it was a beautiful walk.

A footpath across the river. This little bridge leads to the Crew Houses from the various Universities and Colleges in Oxford.

One of the older crew houses. As well as the newer ones... all in a row!

This young swan made a b-line for me across the river. I felt terrible that I had nothing to offer him... he followed me up the river for about 25 yards and then gave up and sulked back to the other side of the river...

After the tour, the pint, and the "30" minute walk, I found the shopping area and enjoyed a cup of coffee and a croque monsieur. It was only 4 and I had planned to stay until 6 but decided to call it a day. My legs were warn out and my dogs were barking so I caught the 4:30 train... promptly falling asleep as soon as the train started to move! My parents must have used the whole driving in the car trick to make me sleep as a baby because the moment I sit in a vehicle (be it planes, trains or automobiles) I am out like a light!
Can't wait to take Chris to Oxford... in the Spring when the gardens are in bloom ; )
Until next time... XOXO

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