Friday, January 23, 2009

Let them eat...Crumpets.

I made a promise to my grandfather's lovely wife when we first moved that I would hunt down some crumpets and let her know what they are and how they taste. Well, yesterday when I was shopping for English Muffins... incidentally, these are just called muffins here... I came across nothing other than crumpets! So with Norma on my mind, I settled in for a nice traditional English meal this morning... crumpets and coffee. Okay, so the coffee was not so traditional but let's face it tea just doesn't get the brain moving in the morning like coffee.

The crumpets were very good. They were a cross between English muffins and sponge cake... crispy on the top and spongy in the middle. I toasted them and topped them with butter and English honey. Delicious! I think I will have them for breakfast tomorrow, too!

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