Friday, January 16, 2009

Domestic Goddess!

That is right!
I am a Domestic Goddess!
Not that this statement needs much of an explanation, after all you have all seen and read about by adventures in cooking. And who could forget my headboard... that was a masterpiece of domestic ingenuity, if I say so myself. However, you may be asking what is that I have done today to proclaim myself an equal to Hestia (Domestic Goddess in the mythological sense...) Well, the answer... I ironed Chris's work shirts! They are currently hanging, crisply and wrinkle free, in his closet waiting to be worn. I am thinking of making him a sign to wear around his neck or pinned to his shirt with a safety pin like a kindergartner's bus number... the sign will read, "My Wife is a Domestic Goddess." No explaination needed on the sign as the sharp creases and smell of light starch will be explanation enough.
To prove my position even more, I might just run the hoover or make the bed ; )

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